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…. these are just some of the words our clients use to describe us.

Alita Constructions is a professional, personable and ethical Commercial Construction Company located in Armadale, Perth.

Browse through our client testimonials that prove that our clientele enjoy the building process because of clear and personal communication between themselves and our staff. At Alita Constructions, we put you first.

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Carpenter Mechanical Engineering Testimonial
Alita did exceed my expectations as a builder. As superintendent, I expected a lot more issues through construction however it was more or less plain sailing, really easy to deal with. The building is really well finished off.......Watch the whole video testimonial here!   Chris, the Superintendent and Senior Structural Engineer for the Carpenter Mechanical Engineering project(Dialogue taken from video testimonial)So, I had a good opportunity to be involved from the very beginning of the project through to the very end. As well as being the son in law of the client, I was involved in the very beginning to engage in an architect to get some plans for a building application and then I am a structural engineer as well as [Read More]
CME Testimonial, Chris Gibbs (Superintendent and Senior Structural Engineer)
Completion Photos of The Byford and Districts Country Club by Alita Constructions
They exceeded my expectations in many ways, first of all in the high level of engagement, the product that we were delivered was outstanding, the attention to detail was outstanding and the delivery of budget, in fact slightly below budget, was an awesome outcome for the Country Club.Watch the whole video testimonial here! Byford & Districts Country Club, John Erren, Serpentine Jarrahdale Shire PresidentClient Testimonial (Dialogue taken from video testimonial) – IntroAlita Constructions was awarded the successful tender of the building of the Byford & Districts Country Club by the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale. There was a rigorous process that was followed in the tender process and within that process Alita [Read More]
Byford & Districts Country Club Testimonial, John Erren
Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale President
Completion Photos of The Byford and Districts Country Club by Alita Constructions
Alita Constructions were awarded the contract for the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale's Byford & Districts Country Club project after submitting a competitively priced and strong tender application. Throughout the project, Alita Constructions continually made suggestions and gave advice to save costs, which was extremely helpful due to budget constraints. The team was always friendly and approachable and no request was too hard for them. Given that the project was to construct a Community Facility, it was great to see Alita Constructions using local trades. The teamwork between Alita, the local trades, and the Shire ensured the project was completed within the Shires tight time frame of 24 weeks as well as coming in under budget and without any major [Read More]
Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale Testimonial, Etienne Vorster
Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale
Commercial Showroom Development by Alita Constructions
Alita Constructions have just completed our 1960m2 commercial complex on time and within budget.This is the fourth, large building (all over 1500m2) we have had constructed.  The previous three, by three different builders and this was the first building to be built without a hitch.Alita Constructions built the building to the standard originally promised.  In fact during construction they suggested improvements to the design always with cost in mind.  The building was built within the schedule and the quality was such that our leasing agents congratulated the builder on the quality which made it very easy to find tenants on our behalf.Constant communication occurred between us and Alita Constructions.  The staff were very approachable, [Read More]
Joondalup Showrooms, Dan Heeris and Beth Baron
multipurpose office/warehouse by Alita Constructions
Alita Constructions would like to thank Paul Harrison from Beaver Tree Services for his glowing testimonial of the recently completed project in Forrestdale. The team at Alita Constructions thoroughly enjoyed working as a team with Paul and Joe and thank them for having the confidence in building with Alita.  (Dialogue taken from video testimonial) –Beaver Tree - Lot 21 Cartwright Drive, ForrestdaleClint Testimonial Beaver Tree ServicesMy name is Paul Harrison, I’m the managing Director of Beaver Tree Services. We have been in business now for sixteen years. We generally do government tendered work and obviously a lot of private work, as well as residential work. We have got quite a few tenders that we do. The [Read More]
Beaver Tree Services Testimonial,