Advantages of Tilt Panel

Advantages of Tilt Panel

Advantages of Tilt Panel

Functioning as the exterior structure and skin, concrete tilt panel walls can be provided with truly “maintenance-free” finishes and a clean modern appearance.

Naturally, tilt-up wall panels are less prone to damage than lightweight systems providing durability.

Tilt panels can also be used as structural members to brace the building and provide the fire rating for the construction type required. This provides an efficient building method because no additional structural components or cladding are required.

Concrete tilt panels are manufactured on-site on the concrete ground slab or temporary concrete blinding. When completed they are lifted into position with a mobile crane and temporarily braced ready for the structural steel to be installed.


As concrete actually strengthens with age, it will last for a longer time period as opposed to most materials which eventually deteriorate and show wear and tear. Generally coated with paints and other finishes, tilt panel buildings can easily be repaired or re-coated over time to completely change or renew the appearance.

Additionally, windows and doors can be created or eliminated and the panels repainted without the unsightly appearance of a patch.

See some of our tilt panel projects here.

Contact us now at Alita Constructions, we can assist you in your decision to select a tilt-up building product to provide you with the best of both worlds by allowing you to build in long-term cost efficiencies, whilst keeping initial capital costs to a minimum.


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