Can Alita Constructions design my commercial building?

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Can Alita Constructions design my commercial building?

In short, yes!

Although we don’t just work with anyone, we work with people who we can build relations with. What defines relations?

Relations is the way in which people or groups feel about and behave towards each other.

We want to have; communication, relationships, connections, contact, interaction. 

It sounds fluffy we know, but we want to work with people who have our same standards of ethics and transparency. We don’t just want to win your project, get it built and move on to the next client! We want to get to know you! Your needs! Your business needs! 

When we build relationships and get insight from you, your needs and your businesses needs, we can design and construct your next commercial project with ease. 

Our team of experienced staff designs and builds the project, coordinating the whole process for the client. This method has substantial advantages including:

  • Allows for significantly faster project delivery with reduced time for the design and construction phases of the project. This means earlier occupation and operation of the building resulting in less interest payments during construction and earlier income generation/ improved productivity.
  • The cost of the project is locked in at an early stage, before significant expenditure on design and approval fees. It eliminates the risk of the project being over budget after the design stage and allows for reliable forecasting of project profits. 
  • Provides a single point of responsibility for the client for the entire project with open and transparent communication. 
  • Alita coordinates the design, taking this workload off the client 
  • Efficiencies in design are based on real building experience, from other similar projects, and all site conditions and challenges are identified early in the design phase and factored into the design. The result is ease of construction and efficient delivery of the project.
  • In short it provides certainty around project outcomes for the client at the start of the project. 

The Process

With the traditional design and tender method, the client engages the design consultants to design the project, then puts it out to tender to a group of builders and following that negotiates a contract with the preferred builder. There is an outlay of costs upfront to complete the design, pay development approval application fees and full documentation costs without certainty around the construction cost of the project. It’s possible that after receiving the tenders back from the builders the construction cost is more than anticipated and there will be further design costs to reduce the scope and cost of the project. 

With the design and construct method, the client engages the builder to coordinate the design process and carry it through to construction. The builder is responsible for both the design and construction phases and takes the risk off the client. The cost of the project is fixed early on after determining the project requirements but before there is an outlay of expense on design and development approval applications. 

The design and construct method provides accurate costs and information at the start of the project and peace of mind for the client. 

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