Alita Constructions win MBAWA Award for Best Office Building

Alita Constructions; Best Office Building Award

Alita Constructions were awarded the Best Office Building, $5-10 million range for the Peel Youth Medical Services Health Hub at the 2019 Master Builders-Bankwest Excellence in Construction Awards on Saturday the 20th of July.

To be acknowledged for the high quality of work on this project, is really a reflection of the hard work the Alita Team put in to the build. We would like to thank all of the consultants, subcontractors and suppliers involved, as well as Mulder Kampman Design for their contribution to this project for the City of Mandurah. Lastly we would like to thank GP Down South, particularly Eleanor Britton and Amanda Poller for entrusting us with this project and for being such a pleasure to deal with.

The Peel Youth Medical Services Health Hub is a 2,503m2 state of the art facility providing support for young people dealing with mental health issues. Read more here.

Alita Constructions win MBAWA Award for Best Office Building

Left to right: Steve Montgomery, Bernard van Ryssen, Emily Swarts, Matt Kleyn, Mark Bruning, Rita Kleyn, Alastair Kleyn, Ian French, Eleanor Britton (Client), Maurice Bruning, Ed Bruning and John Swarts.

Alastair Kleyn Director of Alita Constructions and Wife Rita, holding the Best Office Building Award from the MBAWA
Alastair Kleyn, Director of Alita Constructions, and Wife, Rita Kleyn

Bernard van Ryssen and Wife
Bernard van Ryssen and Wife

Ed Bruning and Wife
Ed Bruning and Wife

The Alita Team and Partners at the Master Builders Association awards night
The Alita Team and Partners at the Master Builders Association Bankwest Excellence in Construction Awards night

Ian French with the Award
Ian French

Emily Swarts and Partner
Emily Swarts and Partner

Mark Bruning and Wife
Mark Bruning and Wife

Matt Kleyn and partner
Matt Kleyn and partner

Steve Montgomery and Partner
Steve Montgomery and Partner

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Alita Constructions share "How to choose a commercial builder in the Perth construction market"

How to choose a commercial builder in the Perth construction market

Are you thinking of building a Warehouse, Factory, Church, Commercial complex … Not sure how to choose a commercial builder in the Perth construction market?

Don’t know where to start?

With the recent downturn in the Perth economy, the building game has become a risky place to be if you’re not skilled up on what to look out for in a builder.

Commercial Builders are quoting below margin just to win the job and worrying about how to make their profit later. Meaning they will find ways to “squeeze” more money out of you to make their profit. 

This method can result in some pretty disastrous risks.

If a builder has taken on a few jobs at below margin they may find their cash flow suffers and soon they won’t be able to pay their trades. When they don’t pay their trades the work stops. The work stops, your building comes to a halt. Leaving you possibly paying rent on your current premises and loan repayments for a building that you don’t know when you will get to occupy.

Alternatively, you can be left paying more for a building than you expected because now the builder has found all these “extras” that aren’t in their quote. Sure you can negotiate but really you’re bent over a barrel, you need the project finished.

So when choosing a commercial builder for your next commercial project, take the following into consideration;

  • Remember; don’t select a builder based on price! You usually get what you pay for! 
  • If they talk about relationships this is important, meet with the builder a few times. Compatibility is important. 
  • Have they got experience in building what you require?
  • Will they give you the contact numbers of references?
  • How many repeat clients do they have? 
  • Ask for references of subcontractors. Do they pay on time?
  • Have they been around for a while?
  • What are their current commitments? Do they have too much work on? Have they got no work?
  • What measures do they have in place for variations? 
  • Do they have the required licences and insurances? 
    • Builders Registration
    • Public Liability 
    • Workers Compensation
  • Are they willing to do Bank Guarantees?
  • Unsure:
  • Get your accountant to do a credit check
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Novelli Pavilion Sod Turning for City of Armadale, construction by Alita Constructions

Novelli Pavilion Sod Turning

The first sod of the new 400m2 Novelli Pavilion for the City of Armadale has been turned!

The ‘sod turning’ event was attended by CoA Mayor Ruth Butterfield, Deputy Mayor Carole Frost, CoA Project Team, Alita Constructions Project Manager Johnny McCann and Director Alastair Kleyn.

This design and construct project is a sports and community facility at Terracina Parkway, Piara Waters. The design for the pavilion includes a function room, kitchen/kiosk, internal and external store rooms, toilet facilities including unisex accessible toilets, cleaner’s room, bin store and covered verandah.

The project is expected to be completed mid-year.

See the project here.

Additional Media

City of Armadale’s’ Press Release

What is sod turning?

Sod turning is the turning of the first sod (meaning ground). It is a traditional ceremony to celebrate the first day of construction.

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Alastair Kleyn Director of Alita Constructions

Alastair’s grandparents from both his father and mother’s side came from Holland in the 1950s and both grandparents settled in Armadale. Mr Kleyn worked in the brickworks and Mr Bruning was the Pastor for the local Armadale Free Reformed Church. Alastairs mother Hilde Bruning and father Arthur Kleyn met in 1972 and married in 1974. Arthur and Hilde had eight children; all born in the Armadale Hospital. Alastair was the second eldest child. Ali (Alastair) has very good memories of his upbringing in a house of eight children. It wasn’t uncommon to have twenty people around the dinner table when friends came around. There was always a lot of joy and laughter.
Ali’s Dad, Arthur Kleyn has been an active member of the local community, being a Councillor from 1991 to 1999 for the City of Armadale and a local builder for most of his working life.

Ali has lived in the Armadale area all his life, attending the Kelmscott John Calvin Primary school and then the Armadale John Calvin Christian college. Ali now resides in Champion Lakes with his wife and five children.

After leaving school in year 10, Ali started his apprenticeship in carpentry and joinery, whilst studying for his Diploma of Builders Registration at night school. Undertaking his study in the evening allowed him to work on perfecting his trade during the day in the building of residential houses and commercial buildings. Upon completing his apprenticeship, Ali worked as a tradesman, continuing to gain experience in many aspects of building.
Soon after, with a team of 6-10, Ali began trading as Ali’s Concrete Contractors and mainly focussed on commercial tilt panel buildings.
In 2004, Ali’s Concrete Contractors was incorporated into Alita Constructions, managing commercial projects from start to finish.

Ali and Wife, Rita at Alita Constructions Grand Opening in 2015
(Ali and Wife, Rita with City of Armadale Mayor; Henry Zelones at the Alita Constructions Grand Opening in 2015)

Ali has always had a passion for helping others. In 2015, Ali and Tim Devos started Pindari Mens Restoration House. Pindari Mens Restoration House is a not-for-profit Australian Charity that is committed to transforming men in need, into confident, self-sufficient leaders and members of their family and society.
Read more about Pindari here

Tim and Ali at Pindari Mens Restoration House
(Tim and Ali at Pindari Mens Restoration House)

Ali, his wife Rita and 5 children are christians and worship at the Free Reformed Church of Southern River. Working with the young adults and being in different leadership roles, Ali believes that you can not separate your Christian beliefs from how you live your life and how you do your work. For this reason, Ali is very strong on the culture of Alita Constructions and how it aligns with Ali’s Christian beliefs and foundations.


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Armadale Senior High School – 2019 Careers Expo

Last week Alastair Kleyn, the Director of Alita constructions, with Sarah Dutschke, the HR Manager, attended the Armadale Senior High School 2019 Careers Expo to showcase the different career opportunities within the Construction Industry.

Throughout the evening, between 6 pm and 8 pm, students and their parents attended the expo talking to various businesses about the opportunities available to them. With over 40 businesses partaking in the expo, it was great to see so many youth getting out and about with their parents to discuss and research different career opportunities for their future.

The free Alita Constructions hats were a big hit on the night – over 60 hats were given out to students,  as well as packages containing information about Alita Constructions, building projects completed within the City of Armadale and Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale and an outline of each occupation within Alita Constructions, including daily tasks and position requirements.

Ali and Sarah spoke to a lot of students about the different positions available in the construction industry. An interesting observation during the night from both Ali and Sarah was that a lot of females either walked directly passed the Alita stall or just briefly looked at our display. Upon making conversation with these females, they quickly learnt that a lot of females see no future for themselves in the construction sector. There is a perception among the females that the construction industry is just for men, and that it is all about being a tradie. Trades are a  big part of the construction industry and females can most certainly do any trade they like, but there are various other positions in a Construction company, that require both females and males. A lot of the young females had no idea these positions existed and when these positions were explained to them there seemed to be a lot of interest.

Some examples we have in the Alita Constructions office we have people employed for are;

  • Office Administrator
  • Finance Manager
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Office Manager
  • Building Consultant
  • Client Liaison Officer
  • Estimator
  • Contract Administrators
  • Project Managers
  • OSH Officer
  • Warehouse Coordinator
  • Construction Manager
  • And of course the Director.

Ali and Sarah really enjoyed the evening and strongly encourage other business owners to partake in future events like these. It provides a great opportunity to encourage, share and educate the young people about the trade/profession you are passionate about, especially because these young adults are the future of our local businesses.

Thank you to Rebecca Ford and all those involved from Armadale Senior High School for bringing together a great event like this and involving the Armadale community.

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 Armadale Senior High School

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Alastair Kleyn takes on Ride for Change to raise funds and awareness Pindari Mens Restoration House.

Alastair Kleyn takes on Ride for Change 2019!

Ride for Change 2019!

Thanks for taking the time to read about the upcoming bike ride; Ride for Change 2019!

In September (30/09/2019 – 04/10/2019) myself and 17 others will be riding for 5 days…over 700kms and 9000m elevation from Bunbury through Busselton, Nannup, Ferguson Valley, Waroona and finishing at Pindari to raise funds and awareness for Pindari Mens Restoration House. Pindari helps men who themselves are ready and determined to end their endless cycles of addiction, homelessness, poverty, chronic anxiety and other dysfunctional behaviours. Read more about Pindari here.

Pindari is very close to my heart as I am passionate about being another spoke in the wheel in helping restore men’s lives who are caught up in destructive life choices that keep them in a cycle of hardship.

Over the past years, I have seen how much positive change one person can make, not only to himself but to all the lives of the people he is connected too.

As an amateur bike rider, this bike ride (including all the early morning training in the dark) will really push my mental and physical boundaries, and this, in turn, helps me understand only a small amount of the mental, emotional and physical journey a person living in addiction needs to go through to be fully restored back into fullness of life.

Pindari is 100% privately funded and is open to anybody in the community who needs help, and more importantly wants help.

This bike ride fundraiser is very important to Pindari in raising vital funds to meet budgets and to provide the service needed to support men in reconnecting them with positive and fulfilling relationships.

It has been two years since I participated in the last Pindari bike ride fundraiser and it certainly pushed my limits. As this years ride is going to be even harder, I aim to double what I raised in the 2017 ride and I have set my 2019 target at $10,000.

You can sponsor me and leave a message of support by following the link;

The Route

This year is a 5-day event… but don’t let that fool you. This ride is over 700kms and 9000m elevation, similar in length and elevation to the last ride, with one less day.

The route provides a great mix of flats and climbs, undulations and some epic scenic routes.

For a detailed look at what these days look like, please see below MapMyRide links for each day:

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4:

Day 5:


Once again thanks for taking the time to read about the Ride for Change 2019 Campaign. I look forward to sharing more with you throughout the training period and during the ride.

Follow @rideforchange2019 for updates


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What is Industrial Construction

What is Industrial Construction

Construction cannot be limited or defined to merely just the act or process of building; it can be further categorised according to the types of buildings being constructed. The differentiation between each building comes when considering the purpose of that building. For example, you have residential construction, commercial construction and industrial construction services. Admittedly, commercial and industrial design and construction are similar and cater to organisations as opposed to individuals but a distinction can be drawn between the two on the basis of the scale of operations conducted. Read on to find out more information revolving around what it means to be an industrial construction company.

What is Industrial Construction?

Industrial construction is the construction of premises used for manufacturing, such as processing plants and factories. It pays close attention to the structural integrity of the project as well as the intricate parts and details needed to ensure the building facility is perfectly suited for hosting the operations intended. This specific type of construction demands a high level of understanding the business needs.

Who Leads the Way in Industrial Design and Construction?

Due to the sheer scale of these projects, a high level of expertise is required to ensure it is successfully completed. These design and construction capabilities are vital components that ensure structural integrity and functional capacity across every facet of the building project.

  • The construction process

A departure from traditional construction processes means that now instead of relying on an independent design team you can engage an industrial construction company for the whole process from design to build. This means you can oversee the timelines and schedule while you secure all the necessary services from one provider for a lower cost, and less time and resources.

  • Compliance

Ensuring that you build within the confines of legislation and with the necessary permissions is of the utmost importance. A thorough understanding of government regulation which spans site selection, to environmental impact and land use is required. Partnering with a contractor who has operated in the industry with various clients is also an effective way to avoid any complications and the delay of your construction project’s completion.

Alita Construction is a full-service industrial company offering not only construction but industrial design and construction too. Contact us today to find out more or to secure the services of a team proven professionals.

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Building a New School

Building a New School

After consultation and discussion, you’ve decided that you are going to start a new school construction project to enhance the current teaching and learning experience while also accommodating the varying needs of all the learners. The key process of building a new school is making effective use of all available resources.

What to keep in mind when choosing your contractor

* Cost of building a school

The cost of building a school is of paramount importance because your stakeholders will want to see a return on their investment and growth in the potential for the future. It is also why it is vital that your stakeholders be involved in the planning and design process so that the outcome matches expectation.

* Technological capacity

The advancement of technology has endowed construction companies with incredible scope for flexibility from the choice of materials right down to the method of construction. Technology provides you with the opportunity to build a new school that caters to the future of education and the changes in the curriculum.

* Longevity

We often take durability for granted because most buildings are durable. However, there are varying degrees of longevity which are influenced by the materials and design. The cost incurred in choosing the right materials for your school construction can offset future maintenance costs.

* Health and safety

When building a new school, it is imperative that health and safety be included in the design of the building. Whether it’s teachers, parents, visitors or learners, the environment and security, it must be optimised. The design and build of your school should include energy efficiency, acoustics and the fundamental requirements for a function learning environment.

* Maintenance

Maintenance is of utmost importance when choosing the materials and design to incorporate into building your new school.

By incorporating poor design methods, you could incur unnecessary maintenance, renovation and labour costs.

* Scalability

Just as you came upon the need to take on school construction, you could very well reach a point in the future where expansion is deemed necessary. Where possible, your contractor should be able to build to allow for possible future development.

* Trust a proven track record

It can be difficult to always rely on the words of a contractor for an indication of quality. It’s always recommended to ask for past projects and references to use as a benchmark of the service you can hope to receive.

Alita Construction has years of experience and scores of successful school construction projects under its belt. For quality construction and expert advice, contact us today

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Building a church

Building a Church

Building a church is a particularly challenging undertaking because the importance of a budget is arguably more prominent in this construction case than most other cases. Funding is the main reason why a budget is necessary for church construction, and it would be frowned upon to return to the congregation to ask for further funding.

Furthermore, a church from a functional standpoint has to be able to comfortably seat a congregation, allowing for the effortless entry and exit of members. It also needs to be aesthetically pleasing and support acoustics effectively. Read on to discover essential considerations to take into account to ensure that you accomplish cost-effective church construction.

Cost-effective church construction & making sure it all adds up

Whether you are looking to construct a modern church building or a more traditional church building, the costs should undoubtedly be something kept top of mind – reiterating the importance of having a plan and being able to communicate that plan. Doing so ensures an agreement is made on how best to complete the project within budget and the predetermined timelines. The following hard, soft and FFE costs should be listed:

*Professional services and permits

* Construction costs

* Furniture, fixtures and equipment

It is commonplace and best practice to ensure that the soft (professional services, and more.) and furniture, fittings and equipment costs are estimated before.

Cost and quality aren’t always in agreement

When committing to a contract with your contractor always keep in mind that cheaper isn’t always better. This short-term view of construction might result in a completed project sooner than later. However, by opting solely for less money, you could incur additional costs through exorbitant maintenance and renovation fees in the future.

Function & purpose

Function and purpose should be included in the planning process, as the design of the church in question will influence the location and cost of church construction. When talking to the congregation, there should be agreement on the needs of the church to accommodate existing and future members. You should ensure the aesthetics and acoustics are consistent with the requirements of your members not to compromise the sermons and services.


The choice of material will not only influence the cost but will speak to the design and longevity of the church too. The overall structure of the building should be considered first, such as tilt panel church designs, and also the detailing such as external cladding and features, and internal fit out. Material choices for a building a church are essential for the durability of the building, overall aesthetics and budget constraints.

For more information on how best to go about building a church that caters to your specific needs, get in touch with our team of experts today.

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Panel Pour at Kingdomcity Mandurah - Church Construction by Perth Builder Alita Constructions

Cost of Warehouse Construction

Your warehouse is designed to help your business store inventory, build its brand, reach a new market, as well as grow and meet the needs of your customers in the most efficient manner possible. However, while it is designed to help you generate more revenue revenues and improve as a whole; the cost of warehouse construction is something you will want to take into account before committing to new warehouse construction.

There are various factors and warehouse construction details to take into consideration to ensure the final product is worthy of the capital investment you will make. Read on to find out more so that you make the right decision for your organisation’s expansion and your bottom line.

To extend or build new

There are often two sides to every decision, namely whether to proceed or not but in the case of increasing warehouse capacity, there are three options: to build a new warehouse, not to build a new warehouse or to extend an existing warehouse. It is not a decision that can just be taken at face value and requires more thought than what is costlier between new warehouse construction and the cost of warehouse extension construction. In this next section, we’ll tackle some of the most critical issues to keep top of mind during the decision-making process.

Making the right decision for increasing your warehouse capacity

The following should be at the forefront of your thoughts when contemplating new warehouse construction:

Your business needs

There should be hard evidence to justify the capital investment of expansion. This means it should be clear that the needs of the organisation and its ability to complete its objectives are reliant upon the new build or extension. If there is no excessive current or projected demand to warrant the additional space for a new warehouse, then an extension might help satisfy the needs of the market without wasting space and incurring unnecessary costs. Alternatively, if an extension is still short of the capacity required to fulfil the growing requirements of the market, you could be losing out on valuable business and losing out on available market share.


When considering the construction of a new warehouse location is a critical factor to take into account. The proximity of your warehouse to distribution channels and your customers is equally as important as ensuring the best candidates to man the warehouse can commute with relative ease to ensure warehouse efficiency and staff retention. Furthermore, securing the necessary permit for construction will also require essential insights about your chosen location as some areas will be easier than others.


Equipment and warehouses go hand in hand. It will be essential to take into consideration what kind of equipment will be needed for your new warehouse as this will influence design. In addition, as is always the case equipment will eventually require maintenance and proximity to qualified technicians will help minimise any downtime.

Client preferences

The decision to take on industrial warehouse construction shouldn’t compromise the service and relationship that already exists with your current customers. Reassuring your clients that they can expect the same high level of service will reduce the likelihood of them switching to or making use of other suppliers.


The complexity of the design largely influences the cost of warehouse construction. The material selections and the selection of final fixtures and fittings also impact on the cost of the warehouse construction to a large degree. The design needs to be controlled if the cost of the warehouse construction is to be kept to a minimum. This will require cost controls applied by a quantity surveyor or engage a commercial builder in working in with the design team to analyse the cost of the concept design and the preliminary design.

It is also essential to review costs differences of methods of construction and their durability over time versus the cost to determine the value for money. For example, a tilt-up panel concrete warehouse construction will be a durable, long lasting solution that will provide value for money.

Get the clarity you need from the experts you can trust

Alita Construction has been a mainstay in the construction industry for years because of the high standards we offer and our ability to deliver to specification. If you’re looking for commercial building expertise or advice, get in touch with our team today.


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What is commercial design

What is Commercial Design

Commercial Business Design

Commercial business design is an exercise in balance. The balance that design seeks to achieve is made possible by the manipulation of two primary concepts, namely function and form (or aesthetics). When these two concepts come together, with the needs of each being satisfied in perfect harmony, the result is a design that is functional and impressive. If you are of the opinion that this unique impact is only reserved for the design stylings of the residential market, you’d be mistaken.

Design brilliance can be achieved both in commercial design just as it possible in a residential setting. In fact, in recent times, commercial design has provided a more compelling canvas by abandoning previously held notions of what a retail space should offer. Today, there is greater convergence between residential and commercial building design.

Does design matter?

While the exterior architecture of any building shows the experience, it’s the interior that either amplifies or detracts from the experience consumed. For example, a 3-storey home with a beautiful outside finish may attract attention, but it’s the inside of the house that matters the most – being your living space and where you experience your home more. The same notion holds for commercial building design. Whether you’re a client or an employee, stakeholders connect with the business by what happens within the four walls of the premises.

The purpose of commercial buildings

The purpose of a commercial building should be the overall guiding principle behind the decision taken for a particular commercial property design. The primary goal of any commercial building is to optimise a business’ ability to turn a profit, taking into account factors that relate to each stakeholder group’s needs such as workflow process, aesthetics, comfort and physical space.

What is commercial design?

Commercial design is a design process carried out by an architect or a building designer with expertise in the infrastructure of buildings that are made specifically for businesses while observing the rules and legislation outlined by the Building Code of Australia, Australian Standards and Local Authority requirements.

Priority is placed on the structural integrity of the building and its functionality due to the nature of commercial property design. Although secondary, the following are important considerations to note as they are visual and tangible cues that speak to the brand of the business:


* Textures

* Tones

* Fittings

* Furniture

Every detail incorporated in design is intentional and serves the overall purpose of furthering the company’s ability to achieve its specific business objectives.

Don’t leave your business success to chance

The design chosen for your business is not an only capital investment but an investment into its ability to make an impressive and lasting impression on first premise visitors. This is a unique opportunity to occupy a place in the mind of your walk-in clients and should not be taken for granted. Taking the time to secure the service of experts is always highly recommended.

Alita Constructions are leading commercial builders in Perth with a track record of excellence. For a return on investment on your commercial design, get in touch with us today.

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Award winning team at Alita Constructions - 2018 winner of the Best Public Use Building in the Category $5-$10 million range

Alita Constructions wins MBAWA Award

Alita Constructions were awarded the Best Public Use Building in the Category $5-$10 million range for the Rossiter Pavilion & Playing Field at the prestigious Master Builders – Bankwest Excellence in Construction Awards on Saturday 21st July 2018.

We would like to thank all of the consultants, subcontractors and suppliers involved,  as well as Fratelle Group for their amazing contribution to this project for the Armadale community. Lastly we would like to thank City of Armadale, particularly Andrew Barnett for entrusting us with this project and for being such a pleasure to deal with.  

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Review the MBAWA Excellence In Construction Awards 2018 e-book

Read it in the Community Comment News

Award winning team at Alita Constructions - 2018 winner of the Best Public Use Building in the Category $5-$10 million range

Award winning team at Alita Constructions - 2018 winner of the Best Public Use Building in the Category $5-$10 million range
Alastair Kleyn, Director at Alita Constructions - 2018 winner of the Best Public Use Building in the Category $5-$10 million range
Alastair Kleyn, Director at Alita Constructions - 2018 winner of the Best Public Use Building in the Category $5-$10 million range Alita Constructions - 2018 winner of the Best Public Use Building in the Category $5-$10 million range

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