Building a Church

Building a Church

Building a church is a challenge we welcome, but a challenge nonetheless!

One of the main reasons is because the budget is arguably more prominent in the construction of a church building than in other cases. As churches are only funded by their congregations, it can delay a project if more money needs to be raised.

Another reason that church design and construction is challenging is that a church must have strong functionality. A church has to be able to comfortably seat a congregation, allowing for the effortless entry and exit of members. It also needs to be aesthetically pleasing and support acoustics effectively.

There are many critical considerations when it comes to new church building design or church extension. Read on to find out more!


Whether you are looking for a modern new church construction or a more traditional church building design, the costs should undoubtedly be something kept top of mind – reiterating the importance of having a plan and being able to communicate that plan. Doing so ensures an agreement is made on how best to complete the project within budget and the predetermined timelines. Consider the construction costs, but also the cost of your professional services and permits, furniture, fixtures and equipment, too. Then you can proceed knowing where to save on cost and where to invest.

Material Quality

Where you should invest is usually in the building materials. When committing with your contractor, always keep in mind that cheaper isn’t always better. This short-term view of construction might result in a completed project sooner than later. However, by opting solely for a lower budget project, you could incur additional cost on exorbitant maintenance and renovation fees in the future.

Your choice of material will not only influence the cost and longevity but speak to the design of the church build too. Would your church suit a tilt panel design, or perhaps a statement look built from external cladding? Material choices for constructing a church are essential considerations for the durability of the building, overall aesthetics and budget constraints.

Function and Purpose

As many church architects will agree, function and purpose should be included in the planning process, as the way you use the church will influence the location and cost of new church construction. When talking to the congregation, there should be agreement on the needs of the church to accommodate existing and future members. You should ensure the aesthetics and acoustics are consistent with the requirements of your members and don’t compromise sermons and services now or in future.

For more information on how best to go about building a church in Perth that caters to your specific needs, get in touch with our team of experts today.

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