Building a New School

Building a New School

After consultation and discussion, you’ve decided that you are going to start a new school construction project to enhance the current teaching and learning experience while also accommodating the varying needs of all the learners. The key process of building a new school is making effective use of all available resources.

What to keep in mind when choosing your contractor

  • Cost of building a school

The cost of building a school is of paramount importance because your stakeholders will want to see a return on their investment and growth in the potential for the future. It is also why it is vital that your stakeholders be involved in the planning and design process so that the outcome matches expectation.

  • Technological capacity

The advancement of technology has endowed construction companies with incredible scope for flexibility from the choice of materials right down to the method of construction. Technology provides you with the opportunity to build a new school that caters to the future of education and the changes in the curriculum.

  • Longevity

We often take durability for granted because most buildings are durable. However, there are varying degrees of longevity which are influenced by the materials and design. The cost incurred in choosing the right materials for your school construction can offset future maintenance costs.

  • Health and safety

When building a new school, it is imperative that health and safety be included in the design of the building. Whether it’s teachers, parents, visitors or learners, the environment and security, it must be optimised. The design and build of your school should include energy efficiency, acoustics and the fundamental requirements for a function learning environment.

  • Maintenance

Maintenance is of utmost importance when choosing the materials and design to incorporate into building your new school.

By incorporating poor design methods, you could incur unnecessary maintenance, renovation and labour costs.

  • Scalability

Just as you came upon the need to take on school construction, you could very well reach a point in the future where expansion is deemed necessary. Where possible, your contractor should be able to build to allow for possible future development.

  • Trust a proven track record

It can be difficult to always rely on the words of a contractor for an indication of quality. It’s always recommended to ask for past projects and references to use as a benchmark of the service you can hope to receive.

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