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Peel Youth Medical Services News

PYMS and Alita Constructions News Update



The BubbleDeck suspended slab is currently being installed at the PYMS project for the City of Mandurah and GP Down South.
BubbleDeck is a precast concrete floor system which makes floor slabs lighter and stronger by incorporating large, hollow plastic balls in a lattice of steel. With 1kg of recycled plastic replacing 100kg of concrete, it is a low cost and sustainable solution!
Bubbledeck at PYMS by Alita Constructions








The civil stormwater has been completed using Eco Aid storm tanks (pic below) to provide storage capacity and the hydraulic in-grounds and pre-lays are nearing completion.

Going forward; there will be bulk import of fill to bring the site up to design level and then the detailed excavation of the lift pit and footings will commence.

The project is being built on the town’s old tip which was closed in the early 60’s. The challenge for Alita has been ensuring the design accounts for any future potential movement. Alita have achieved this by providing alternative engineered solutions for the building’s substructure.PYMS - Eco Aid storm tank installation by Alita Constructions


Wednesday 3rd of October 2018

It was a privilege to show Federal Minister for Health – Greg Hunt, the building progress on the Peel Youth Medical Services building, alongside Andrew Hastie and Eleanor Britton.

Andrew Hastie, the Federal Member for Canning and part of the 2015 Canning Ice Action Group identified huge potential in GP Down South’s dream of building a dedicated facility to support youth mental health and tackle drug and alcohol abuse in the Peel region.


See more about the Peel Youth Medical Services Project here.


Alita Constructions showcase

Alastair Kleyn, Director of Alita Constructions at the Alita Constructions Showcase Event 11/10/2018

In partnership with Business Armadale, we recently held a showcase event at our Award Winning Project – Rossiter Pavilion & Playing Field!

The night included insightful speeches about the economic and business growth in the Forrestdale Business Park and City of Armadale from;

  • Simon Lenton from the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority,
  • Paul Sanders from the City of Armadale, and
  • Local Forrestdale Business Park Business owner Paul Harrison from Beaver Tree Services

Alastair also talked about the importance of community and how we need each other to make change and to grow.

The event was a great opportunity to network with those within the community of the City of Armadale and more specifically within the Forrestdale Business Park.

A huge thank you to the door prize sponsors; Polguern Estate, Benchmark Business Works, Grand Cinemas Armadale and Daly and Shaw Buildings.  


Simon Lenton at the Alita Constructions Showcase Event 11/10/2018  Alita Constructions Showcase Event 11/10/2018 Alastair Kleyn, Director of Alita Constructions at the Alita Constructions Showcase Event 11/10/2018  Alita Constructions Showcase Event 11/10/2018


Tradies National Health Month

National Tradies Month -Alita values their tradies

Did you know?

According to the latest work health and safety statistics, tradies make up almost one-third of Australia’s workforce, but they represent over half of the country’s serious workers’ compensation claims. As a builder engaging over two hundred subcontractors we find this statistic alarming.

August is Tradies National Health Month and we encourage everyone to take the time to focus on educating and engaging tradies on the importance of full body health and safety.

Here are some of our valued subcontractors’ tradies enjoying a BBQ lunch courtesy of Alita Constructions at the Peel Youth Medical Services Health Hub for the City of Mandurah project.


National Tradies Month  -Alita values their tradies

Change is necessary: Builder supports contractors

The West Australian

The linked article was published in The West Australian last week and we feel the need to comment.

While we don’t necessarily agree with everything said in the article, as a builder engaging over two hundred contractors, we do agree with a lot of what has been stated by the anonymous subcontractor. The current system does not provide much protection for the subcontractors to receive payment on time or at all. Too often we see Builders go into administration, leaving many contractors out of pocket due to outstanding invoices. Sadly many good contractors also then need to shut their doors as they cannot trade their way out of the unpaid invoices from the Builder who went into administration. This has a negative effect on the industry because it removes some really good contractors from the market (not to mention the emotional toll it takes on people losing everything from ‘no fault of their own’). It also discourages the good contractors to start their own business due to the many risks of not getting paid on time or at all.

We also agree that the current system allows builders to take advantage of contractors too easily by not paying them on time due to various reasons. Unfortunately, we see this happening far too often in the industry. Alita Constructions’ has a strong belief that trades who fulfill their contract correctly deserve to be paid in full and on time. We have a strong moral and ethical stance on how we treat our subbies as we all know in a lot of ways that we are only as good as our trades and like everyone in the workplace, they deserve to be treated fairly.

Therefore, we generally don’t have retentions (unless the head contract asks for it) and we pay trades on time.

We believe change is certainly needed for the benefit of both builders and contractors. We think something like a Project Specific Fund Account should be looked at as a serious way forward as this will guarantee both the Builder and Contractor getting paid if they fulfill their contract correctly. As mentioned in the article, insurance schemes could also be another option but either way, let’s continue the discussion so hopefully, with enough momentum, we can see some changes in the near future for the better of WA families in the construction industry.