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Alita Constructions is one of Perth’s leading commercial builders. With a firm grasp on tilt-up panel construction, we are renowned for our expertise in large-scale buildings and infrastructures. The quality we continue to offer and superior results we always deliver has helped us cement our position as a prominent figure in the construction industry.

Our all-inclusive service includes drafting and design, engineering and construction. This diverse range of services is conveniently available all from one location, saving you the trouble of having to go back and forth between contractors and service providers.

Setting the Standard

As one of the preferred commercial construction companies in Perth, we make sure that we go from project to project without losing any enthusiasm or dedication to excellence, completing all our projects to the highest standard.

A huge factor in making this a reality and characteristic of working with us is the personnel that carry out the work we do. Each member of our team of commercial builders in Perth is carefully selected both for their expertise and their “can do” attitude. This ensures that we both meet and exceed client expectations for every build.

The professionals behind each project are also familiar with the Building Code of Australia, relevant Australian standards and Local Authority requirements. This familiarity with relevant legislation and requirements facilitates a much faster and hassle-free process of design and approval, in addition to timely construction.

The extensive experience we have amassed as commercial builders since 2004, combined with our specialised skillset, has been the hallmark of a process that guarantees the completion of projects on time and within budget. We make sure to focus on both quality and safety, ensuring that you receive maximum value when using our service.

What You Can Expect

Relying on only trusted and established contractors, we have built strong partnerships in the industry. In addition, our reputation as quality commercial builders has been possible by our no-compromise approach to maintaining standards. We only purchase our materials from proven suppliers, thereby ensuring excellent quality and efficiency for each project we take on. We also always encourage dialogue so that the successful delivery of your project is guaranteed.

Your Success is Our Goal

The success of each project undertaking we complete is the objective of each dedicated Alita Constructions team member. We have come to understand through our vast experience that a defining factor in this process is to ensure that we cater to the specific needs of our clientele. That is the motivation behind the range of contracts we offer. They are designed to enable varying degrees of involvement and accommodate differing budgets. Pivotal to the effectiveness of all these components is communication. Throughout the lifecycle of each project, there is an open dialogue and timely feedback to ensure transparency for all parties involved. Putting you at the centre of the process is a testament and tangible proof behind our deeply held belief that your success is and should always be our goal.

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