Alita Constructions and Pindari Restoration House Partnership

Alita Construction and Pindari Restoration House.


Giving back to the community is something I am very passionate about and as a Director in the Construction Industry, working with the Pindari Restoration House has been a great avenue for supporting Men within the industry.

Inside Construction states that “Construction workers are twice as likely as any other people in Australia to commit suicide. It is one of the worst industries for substance abuse amongst employees, and the prevalence of anxiety amongst those working in the industry is over 20 per cent.”

Pindari Restoration House, offers a long-term residence program, run on Christian principles and provides 24/7 guidance in a family-based, therapeutic environment, making use of external services as required. If you would like to know more about Pindari Restoration House or are able to support in any way, please contact Tim on 0427 386 381 or visit

Regards, Ali.