Pindari Restoration House Facebook Page

Pindari Restoration House. Residency-based mentoring and restoration. Providing hope for men who need help to work through life dominating issues (such as addiction, rejection, grief, homelessness, etc) that are affecting relationships, work life and the ability to live a balanced and constructive life.

Alita Constructions would like to share the Pindari Restoration House Facebook page with you. Pindari Restoration House is not only a service Alastair Kleyn (the Director of Alita Constructions) is the vice-chairman of, but is a passion that he and Tim deVos (Pindari Restoration House Manager) have had for over 5 years. Pindari Restoration House is a not-for-profit service provider committed to helping men in need live the solution to fullness of life.

Pindari Restoration House is opening in 2016 and is located within the City of Armadale.

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