Design and Construct Murray Engineering, Pinjarra

Design and Construct Murray Engineering, Pinjarra

Address: Munday Avenue, Pinjarra

Floor Area: 10,000m2

Building Design: Architect: Mulder Kampman Design

Alita Constructions has commenced the inground works and the design of a large scale purpose-built workshop for Murray Engineering in Pinjarra. 

The foundation works and installation of the stormwater drainage system and footings will be completed before winter so that the work is not affected by high groundwater levels. 

As the forward works continue, our team is completing the design of the main building that will start construction after the forward works are completed.  

The project consists of two large scale workshops, an office building and amenities for each workshop. The workshops are approximately 5,000m² each and up to 21m in height. The first workshop will be for large scale metal fabrication and the second will be a surface treatment facility, including a sandblasting room and heated spray paint booth. Both buildings will have overhead cranes, 10 in total. 

The project is expected to be completed in 2023.

Architect: Mulder Kampman Designs 

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