Free Reformed School Association

The FRSA has known and used Alita Constructions for many years. The last projects that Alita Constructions completed were the construction of the JCCC Middle School building, which is used for the Years 7-9 students. The building has an excellent design and works efficiently, and plus the project was completed on time and within the budget!

Alita Constructions also constructed the FRSA Administration and JCCC Reception area while they were working on the JCCC Middle School building. The Administration building was a mixture of new construction and renovations to the old building. At the time it was quite complicated as normal school operations had to continue. With the effort and help of the builder, it was possible.

Currently Alita Constructions is building three library facilities and three Sports Halls for 3 of our Primary Schools (Byford, Kelmscott, Rockingham). These projects are funded by the Australian Government but also require the input from our School community to finish the buildings. Alita Constructions is willing and able to work around this requirement.

We would recommend Alita Constructions to any business needing their services.

Jacques Kortenoeven

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