Nations Church Testimonial

“Alita Constructions recently built a large Christian church in our neighbourhood, which over the course of one year involved site works and constructions. From the start, Alita were very professional and we were surprised by the care and level of engagement that their PM Steve took. Steve was in periodic proactive contact with us, would visit our house or phone when we had concerns about the vibrations and movement to our house, and was extremely responsive. They took accountability for any issues or questions we had and went above and beyond what they legally had to, to rectify some concerns we had from this build. From our professional and personal experience with builders, Alita is the best in terms of their care and responsiveness. They took a lot of care in building the church, and we cannot hear a thing! They are the quietest neighbours we have had! If only more big companies took communications and engagement as serious skills, we believe there would be more effective outcomes. Great job Steve and Alita!”

~Sarah & Kris


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