Novelli Pavilion Testimonial – Brett Anderson

Successful Projects have worked with Alita Constructions in the role of a Superintendent over several years. The two recent projects being Novelli Pavilion and Piara Waters (South) Sports/Community Facility and Oval Works.

Alita Constructions have continually demonstrated their understanding of the project deliverables providing expert construction knowledge. It is self-evident their management both onsite and offsite understand and practice detailed planning and focused and consistent project management to deliver both projects ontime, within the project budget constraints whilst achieving award winning quality.

What we find most enjoyable when working with the team at Alita Constructions is their culture. They are friendly, approachable, and eager to please. There is always an appetite to consider change if required and to apply best endeavors to achieve a successful project.

We have delivered both projects using a GMP procurement model incorporated within an AS 4000 construct only Contract. This approach requires open and honest behavior, an aligned team and a partnership approach. The team at Alita are the right team for this procurement model and have delivered for the client on both occasions.

It is about combining expertise to deliver exceptional outcomes for our clients and we look forward to working with Alita Constructions in the future to continue delivering successful projects.

Brett Anderson, Director of Successful Projects


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