Versatility & Delivery

Versatility and Delivery

At Alita Constructions, we understand that the contract to build a project can be as important to the client as the project itself. We offer different types of contracts depending on various aspects, such as the type of project, the degree to which the client would like to be involved and the client’s budget. We are happy to formulate any of the following contracts to assist you in the successful delivery of your project:

Lump Sum Contract:

When a Lump Sum Contract is chosen, Alita Constructions uses documentation provided by the client to make calculations and produce a quotation. The client is able to negotiate with Alita Constructions regarding the finer details of the contract and to ascertain our responsibilities.

Design and Construct Contract:

When a Design and Construct Contract is chosen, Alita Constructions provides all the services, engages all the trades and includes all the design work to be carried out. All consultants and subcontractors are engaged, controlled and paid for by Alita Constructions. The client is involved throughout the design stage, and with the help of our consultants, the experience is stress free.

Cost Plus Contract:

When using a Cost Plus Contract, the client has to pay the actual cost incurred by Alita Constructions, plus an agreed percentage of that cost, which covers overheads and builders profit. The client can be actively involved in the building process by having access to all costs as well as working together with Alita Constructions to choose subcontractors and suppliers.


We currently have the following insurances in place:

  • Contract Works – insured for the amount of the building contract
  • Public Liability – $10 million
  • Products Liability – $5 million
  • Workers Compensation – $50 million