Byford Medical Centre

Dr Ivo Buters, owner of the Byford Medical Centre, shares his experience with Alita Constructions in a video testimonial. Watch it here!

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Byford Medical Centre – Lot 1 Blytheswood Avenue, Byford

Client Testimonial Byford Medical Centre

My plan is with this building is to enhance the existing services we have and to provide further quality medical services to the patients of the Serpentine Jarrahdale shire and in particularly around the Byford area.

This project took about four years in the planning and I had a lot of time to sort of think about it and speak to a lot of people and to get a lot of ideas. And obviously I had to decide on a builder, so being a doctor I get to meet a lot of people on a day to day basis, particularly in the building industry and in building trades and repeatedly the name Alita came up.

My final choice was to work with two builders and my final decision to go with Alita was because of their experience, their reputation and the price was very favourable compared to the other quotes I’d had.

For me probably the most important was to get a quality product at a reasonable price and I think Alita well and truly delivered on that product and I’m very delighted with the outcome.

The words I probably use to describe Alita Constructions; they were very open, trustworthy, my calls were always returned and replied and problems were solved fairly quickly and fairly succinctly. Yeah I would recommend Alita on quality of product, very fair price and a good reliable and efficient team and the construction project went very, very well.


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