Alita Constructions is an experienced and reputable commercial construction company specialising in tilt-up panel construction. It has the necessary expertise to build and manage projects such as factory units, warehouses, offices, showrooms, schools and churches.

Established in 2004, Alita Constructions has developed through our people, systems and clientele, and adapted and grown into a reputable commercial construction company.

People have come to trust the Alita Constructions’ name for building strong client relationships, completing projects on time, within budget and with a strong focus on quality and safety.

With our office in the Forrestdale Business Park, the majority of our projects are built within the Perth Metro Region. With a dedicated team of long-term and qualified employees and contractors, we are equipped to take on a diverse range of commercial projects.

At Alita Constructions we take pride in all our projects. For this reason, we have carefully chosen every member of our team so that we can deliver each project to the highest standards while making the process as stress-free for our clients as possible. We will also ensure that you get maximum value from your project.

We don’t aim to be one of the industry’s big builders; we strive to maintain our reputation for client relations, attention to detail, and quality builds, which has turned many of our building contacts into ongoing and lasting relationships.

Our Services

Alita Constructions can offer complete design and construct packages. Relying on a carefully selected and reputable network of architects, we can provide you with meticulous design and attention to detail that paves the way for your project to go from conception to completion. Our expertise in construction working hand-in-hand with some of the most talented architects also benefits our clients by giving them access to benchmark quality results, made available from one location. With zero tolerance and a no-compromise attitude towards quality, you can rest assured that we prime your project for success.

Furthermore, we have an excellent working relationship with qualified draftsmen, engineers, and building certifiers, ensuring that the most suitable option is provided to meet the client’s needs.

These professionals are also familiar with the Building Code of Australia, relevant Australian standards and Local Authority requirements. This results in a quicker and smoother process of design and approval, in addition to timely construction.

Versatility and Delivery

At Alita Constructions, we understand that the contract to build a project can be as crucial to the client as the project itself. We offer different types of contracts depending on various aspects, such as the type of project, the degree to which the client would like to be involved and the client’s budget. We are happy to formulate any of the following contracts to assist you in the successful delivery of your project.

Lump Sum Contract:

Once you’ve decided on a Lump Sum Contract, Alita Constructions uses the documentation provided by the client to make calculations and produce a quotation. The client can negotiate with Alita Constructions regarding the more delicate details of the contract and ascertain our responsibilities.

Design and Construct Contract:

When you choose a Design and Construct Contract, Alita Constructions provides all the services, engages all the trades and includes all the design work to be carried out. All consultants and subcontractors are hired, controlled, and paid for by Alita Constructions. We’ll involve you throughout the design stage, and with the help of our consultants, the experience is stress-free.

Cost-Plus Contract:

A Cost-Plus Contract involves you having to pay the actual cost incurred by Alita Constructions, plus an agreed percentage of that cost, which covers overheads and builders profit. The client can be actively involved in the building process by having access to all costs as well as working together with Alita Constructions to choose subcontractors and suppliers.


We currently have the following coverages in place:

* Contract Works – insured for the amount of the building contract

* Public Liability – $10 million

* Products Liability – $5 million

* Workers Compensation – $50 million


Over the years, we have developed good working relationships with many contractors and suppliers. They have proven that we can rely on them to produce quality work and materials when required.

Alita Constructions owns the following range of vehicles and equipment, allowing construction work to flow smoothly without having to rely on hire companies:

* Truck and Bobcat

* Concrete Equipment

* Excavator

* Utilities and light trucks set up for concrete work and general maintenance

* Forklift

* Vehicles designed explicitly for supervisors, so they always have all the necessary resources with them


Alita Constructions is professional, personable, and ethical while providing quality work and being competitive in the market. Please browse through our client testimonials that prove our clientele enjoy the building process because of clear and personal communication between themselves and our staff. At Alita Constructions, we put you first.

Design and Construct_Tilt Panel School Construction Perth_Alita Constructions

Rehoboth Christian College Client Testimonial

“The experience has been very positive overall and if I had to sum it up I’d say that Alita worked very hard on our behalf. It wasn’t just about fulfilling the contract but building a relationship.”

Read on for the testimonial from Clients, Seth Merlo (Projects Officer) and Mark Steyn (CEO) from the Rehoboth Christian College speak about their experience building with Alita Constructions during the Design and Construct of the college located in Kenwick, Perth.


Peel Youth Hub construction by Alita Constructions

Peel Health Hub Testimonial

“In many ways they probably exceeded expectations. Particularly around being invested in what we were trying to achieve”


Perth Church Construction - Saint Peter’s Jacobite Church

Church Construction Testimonial

Alita Constructions were awarded the successful tender of the construction of the St Peter’s Church after submitting a competitive tender price. Throughout the project Alita worked with us to reduce costs and improve design to help us to stay within budget. We are very happy with the building and its quality and we will be recommending them in the future.

See more about this Church Construction here

Building a church

Kingdom Light Church

Construction of the Kingdom Light Church project located in Cockburn, Perth by Alita Constructions. With a total floor area of 1.836m2, the project consists of 2 halls, a large foyer, a play area, classrooms and a kitchen. The first floor also has several offices. This large place of worship requires 102 car bays.Watch Kingdom Light project hereSee full testimonial video here!


Video Content of Kingdom Light Testimonial with Lawrence Tan – Aquila Architects

Why Alita Constructions & was price the main factor?

For this project price was not the most important factor, we actually had this tender process, through the tender process Alita showed that they are very capable and also very resourceful. That is the main reason that we actually chose Alita.

Experience building with Alita constructions?

I think the most important thing is actually Alita’s staff and also their subcontractors. They have a very good understanding of how to do the project and do the work.

After your building experience, how would you describe Alita Constructions’ culture?

I believe from what I can see the subcontractors and also the tradies they have very good ethics especially with Alita’s supervisors many come together and show by their work that they know what they are doing.  The most important thing I notice is how they communicate because every trade has their own ways of communication and I can see for the trades and subcontractors they can communicate together well and get the job done well.

Did Alita Constructions exceed your expectations?

Yes, I believe Alita did do that strong. They give a very good solution for example for the price you need to look at it they will come up with an alternative solution so that the client and even myself as an architect love that kind of ideas so that we can work together.

Best words to describe Alita Constructions?

I have been thinking for this word for a very long time and I think less is more so what I have for Alita is HOT. H.O.T. what I mean by HOT is Honest Open and Transparent. This HOT for Alita just not stop at the price but HOT in quality and also HOT in resources.

How has working with Alita Constructions has helped the church and how it operates?

I look at it that the service that Alita actually provides. At the beginning of the project Alita’s staff and also their consultants they actually come to us and they are very open to us and tell us what they can actually do and from there we can see that the service that Alita provide not just at the beginning but continues to provide that service until the end until post completion. They still call us and whenever we have any problems we just call the supervisor and he straight away attends to it. That is the best thing I can see from a good builder.

Would you recommend Alita Constructions?

I believe that Alita is really HOT, Honest Open and Transparent. As an Architect for many years and Aquila Architects were always looking how to promote Alita and I believe Alita is one of the best builders I have ever had. I really recommend Alita to many of my friends as well.


Amaroo Village Renovation Project Alita Constructions

Amaroo Care Services, Gosnells

Alita were appointed to our recent project after winning a competitive Tender. The project was particularly difficult, being a complete refurbishment with alterations to an operational aged care facility. The nature of the job was that it was fraught with many surprises due to previous “less than quality” builders and contractors. Nevertheless, Alita were always pleasant and amiable to deal with and always rose to the many challenges on the job. Whilst the Contract went over time, it was wholly due to changes initiated by ourselves doing the course of the works. Mark the Site Manager and Bernard the Project Manager were always prompt and diligent to deal with and nothing was too much trouble. Alita made a difficult project an overall pleasant experience.



John Calvin School Campus by Alita Constructions

John Calvin Christian College (Capel) Testimonial

The Free Reformed School Association has a long-standing relationship with Alita Constructions. In the early days of the organisation they built several classrooms in one of our schools. In 2004/2005 they constructed the JCCC Middle School building as well as a new administration centre. During the GFC schools were allocated additional funding from the federal Government and Alita Constructions built three Sport Halls and school libraries in three of our primary schools.

Just recently Alita finalised the construction of a new school in Capel. The South West John Calvin Christian College caters for 100 students ranging from Kindergarten to year 10. The site development including all services as well as the construction of 7 classrooms (some double storey), one workshop, a library, a staff and reception area and student / staff amenities started in January 2017 and was completed in October of that year.

The end project is stunning and student, parents and staff are extremely happy with their new school.

Alita was successful in this project amongst 6 other builders. Their contract price and the quality of their work was good. The number of variations was limited and the communication between builder, project manager and client was good. We also really appreciated the flexibility we had with Alita in relation to particular voluntary work provided by parents and the wider community.

We would recommend Alita Constructions for your next project.

See more information about the project here.

Carpenter Mechanical Engineering Testimonial

CME Testimonial

Alita did exceed my expectations as a builder. As superintendent, I expected a lot more issues through construction however it was more or less plain sailing, really easy to deal with. The building is really well finished off…….

Watch the whole video testimonial here! 



Chris, the Superintendent and Senior Structural Engineer for the Carpenter Mechanical Engineering project

(Dialogue taken from video testimonial)

So, I had a good opportunity to be involved from the very beginning of the project through to the very end. As well as being the son in law of the client, I was involved in the very beginning to engage in an architect to get some plans for a building application and then I am a structural engineer as well as project engineer so I was the lead consultant through the process and then I was involved in inviting tenderers for a tender phase, then evaluating tenders and then being the superintendent through the construction.

Why Alita?

Through to the tender evaluation there were 5 tenderers and Alita came out on top. Their proposed build time was excellent, which was delivered on time, the price was important but Alitas price didn’t include any hidden costs so we knew from the very beginning what we were up for. As well as that I have had the chance to work with Alita as a structural engineer in my day to day job so we had no hesitation in recommending Alita to the client.

Experience with Alita

Staff were very friendly and easy to deal with. Responses to any queries we had were dealt with very quickly, never failed to answer the telephone or respond to email within half a day. It was really good to have one site supervisor throughout the construction process. So always one person to deal with if you had any queries.

Expectations with Alita?

Alita did exceed my expectations as a builder. As superintendent, I expected a lot more issues through construction however it was more or less plain sailing, really easy to deal with. The building is really well finished off, the clients aim is to develop his business and grow the business, and to impress his clients and he’s very proud to show this facility off to his clients.

Best words to describe Alita?

I would say the words integrity and professionalism describe the way Alita operated throughout the duration of this project and we look forward to working with Alita in the future and supporting each other.

How has working with Alita helped CME and how it operates?

So Carpenter Mechanical Engineering are looking to grow their business and make the most of the opportunities in the market. This facility was delivered on time, on budget and with an excellent finish, beyond expectations, so this facility is going to support Carpenter Mechanical grow into the future.

Would you recommend Alita?

We would have no hesitation in recommending Alita Constructions to anyone else and we look forward to working together in the future.



Completion Photos of The Byford and Districts Country Club by Alita Constructions

Byford & Districts Country Club Testimonial

They exceeded my expectations in many ways, first of all in the high level of engagement, the product that we were delivered was outstanding, the attention to detail was outstanding and the delivery of budget, in fact slightly below budget, was an awesome outcome for the Country Club.

Watch the whole video testimonial here!


Byford & Districts Country Club, John Erren, Serpentine Jarrahdale Shire President

Client Testimonial (Dialogue taken from video testimonial) –



Alita Constructions was awarded the successful tender of the building of the Byford & Districts Country Club by the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale. There was a rigorous process that was followed in the tender process and within that process Alita came out on top as being the best choice to deliver this program and this product to the Byford & Districts Country Club and the shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale. It wasn’t about price it was about quality and delivery and time frames and in every way Alita Constructions, as I understand it, met those qualifications.

The Alita Experience

Throughout the process, my experience with Alita Constructions has been one of high level of professionalism, an enormous amount of quality of service and a really, really successful and outstanding outcome.

Customer Expectations

They exceeded my expectations in many ways, first of all in the high level of engagement, the product that we were delivered was outstanding, the attention to detail was outstanding and the delivery of budget, in fact slightly below budget, was an awesome outcome for the Country Club

A Word to Describe Alita

A word or a phrase that I would use to describe our relationship would be a partnership. So, from the beginning through the whole construction phase was a high level of communication, a high level of discussion and engagement and an ability to be able to have a voice and also get a clear understanding of where we are and what the pathway is to the next step.

The project Experience

The Byford & Districts Country Club couldn’t be on this location if it wasn’t for the relationship that was developed between Alita Constructions and the Byford & Districts Country Club. So, simply building our club house is how we’ve been able to develop a wonderful facility and a great outcome for our community and also a prosperous opportunity for Alita Constructions as they are now recognised as a significant and magnificent building company.

Would you recommend Alita?

For all of the things I spoke about before, quality of product, hitting price targets, hitting time frames, delivering the product on time, below budget and to a very high level of standard. What more can you ask for?

The Alita Team

In the early days, we had a strong dialogue with Ali, Ali was a significant contributor to the concepts and the ideas. When we came down to the construction phase we spoke and communicated with the team, which was predominately through Matt and Ed. Matt was always approachable and very easy to talk to and was always open to concepts and ideas. And Ed, nothing was too much for Ed, as the site manager, he had a high level of attention to detail and had a terrific point of view and a terrific attitude towards myself as the client and also the others that he had to interact with throughout the build.


Testimonial for Alita Constructions  from SJ Shire








Dear Sir

Letter of Reference – Byford & Districts Country Club Project

Alita Constructions were awarded the contract for the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale’s Byford & Districts Country Club project after submitting a competitively priced and strong tender application.

Throughout the project, Alita Constructions continually made suggestions and gave advice to save costs, which was extremely helpful due to budget constraints. The team was always friendly and approachable and no request was too hard for them.

Given that the project was to construct a Community Facility, it was great to see Alita Constructions using local trades. The teamwork between Alita, the local trades, and the Shire ensured the project was completed within the Shires tight time frame of 24 weeks as well as coming in under budget and without any major safety incidents.

The Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale is very pleased with the outcome and would strongly recommend Alita Constructions to anyone considering building a Community Facility.


Doug Elkins

Director Engineering


All enquiries to Etienne Vorster

Completion Photos of The Byford and Districts Country Club by Alita Constructions

Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale Testimonial

Alita Constructions were awarded the contract for the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale’s Byford & Districts Country Club project after submitting a competitively priced and strong tender application.
Throughout the project, Alita Constructions continually made suggestions and gave advice to save costs, which was extremely helpful due to budget constraints. The team was always friendly and approachable and no request was too hard for them.
Given that the project was to construct a Community Facility, it was great to see Alita Constructions using local trades. The teamwork between Alita, the local trades, and the Shire ensured the project was completed within the Shires tight time frame of 24 weeks as well as coming in under budget and without any major safety incidents.
The Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale is very pleased with the outcome and would strongly recommend Alita Constructions to anyone considering building a Community Facility.

View the project. 


Commercial Showroom Development by Alita Constructions

Joondalup Showrooms

Alita Constructions have just completed our 1960m2 commercial complex on time and within budget.

This is the fourth, large building (all over 1500m2) we have had constructed.  The previous three, by three different builders and this was the first building to be built without a hitch.

Alita Constructions built the building to the standard originally promised.  In fact during construction they suggested improvements to the design always with cost in mind.  The building was built within the schedule and the quality was such that our leasing agents congratulated the builder on the quality which made it very easy to find tenants on our behalf.

Constant communication occurred between us and Alita Constructions.  The staff were very approachable, polite and friendly and obliging whenever possible.

Thank you Alita.  We have no hesitation in recommending your company to anyone wishing to delve into the world of commercial building construction.

 Check out the project here. 


multipurpose office/warehouse by Alita Constructions

Beaver Tree Services Testimonial

Alita Constructions would like to thank Paul Harrison from Beaver Tree Services for his glowing testimonial of the recently completed project in Forrestdale. The team at Alita Constructions thoroughly enjoyed working as a team with Paul and Joe and thank them for having the confidence in building with Alita. 


(Dialogue taken from video testimonial) –

Beaver Tree – Lot 21 Cartwright Drive, Forrestdale

Clint Testimonial Beaver Tree Services

My name is Paul Harrison, I’m the managing Director of Beaver Tree Services. We have been in business now for sixteen years. We generally do government tendered work and obviously a lot of private work, as well as residential work. We have got quite a few tenders that we do.


The Business Challenge?

We were in three different premises over there in the Kelmscott Industrial area; they were smaller yards. I think we are about eight to ten times bigger here in shed space and office space. We were just growing and were on top of each other it was becoming sort of uneconomical to move vehicles and to move staff and the noise factor and I didn’t think it was a fair work environment for my staff.


Getting Involved with Alita?

I have known Ali through the Business Armadale predominantly and known the family for a long time, they have been residing in Kelmscott for a long time. And coming from this area all my life I have seen a lot of Ali’s building and talked to a lot of people who have done work, and Ali’s work and done work for. I obviously got them to quote along with another company and obviously they were very competitive Alita Constructions and very pleased to be able to give them the job; which was great.


The Alita Difference?

Again because you were local and very close to the construction site which gave us a lot more, we thought, supervision and management of the site. I had the confidence in a great team that Ali has created with Matt and Ed and everyone involved.

Alita Quality & Service?
With the land and everything we have spent over five million dollars so was something to be confident and wanted to get right so it was important. It’s a long process and quite a big job, and obviously a lot of plans and approvals that was fantastic right from the start. They took the bull by the horns, they pushed it through Council and the MRA where they could which was fantastic which took a lot of the pressure off me. Their knowledge of the area was very important, I think that was really great so that has been really good.  And obviously there quick build time was also that they had a reasonable time frame where they could start the building and they were obviously quite keen to get going.

Would you Recommend Alita?
Yeah definitely there is a lot of building companies out there obviously and I would definitely recommend Alita Constructions because again that the good feel and the fact that if we did have an issue or whatever that was quickly rectified. I think that is very important, the fact they took ownership of stuff very quickly and again the reliability, I think that is the important keys for me going forward. Those things I have tried to bring in my business. One of my mentalities is always under promise and over deliver and I think that what Alita did as well and I think that is really good. That unfortunately very rare sometimes in the world and to say it was an important decision being a big build obviously that we wanted to make sure that we got what we wanted and I think we have exceeded what we wanted really which is really cool.

Would you build with Alita Again?
We have purchased another block which is right next door to our current block, it kind of give a bit of a L shape it’s another acre. We will be building another building in the next year or two on that and we are looking at building another workshop but would definitely be comfortable and confident in getting Ali to obviously quote that job and do that job if that sees fit. We would love to have him on board because I think that we would be more than happy to use Alita Constructions for sure.


Once the design process was complete, Alita Constructions began building our facility which was a highly professional and easy process.


Advanced Polymer Technology had the pleasure of working with Alita Constructions on the build of our state of the art polyurethane manufacturing facility. As this is the first time Advanced Polymer Technology had built a commercial facility, the process was quite daunting to us until Alita Constructions came on board. We had ideas of what we wanted to build but were unsure of how it all would tie together, with the help of Alastair and his team of professionals we were able to figure out a design that best suited our needs and budget.

Once the design process was complete, Alita Constructions began building our facility which was a highly professional and easy process. Any queries we had were answered almost immediately & any issues were solved quickly. We were kept in the loop at all times and were told when major installs were happening so we could view them, which was fantastic and made us feel like we were a part of the team. Our build was completed within the specified time frame and budget. The handover process was quick and thorough and any post occupancy items are attended to quickly. 

I would like to thank Alastair and his team for making the build such an easy and enjoyable process. With the high level of client service we received and the high quality of the build, we recommend them to all those looking at building.”

Byford Medical Centre built by Alita Constructions

Byford Medical Centre

Dr Ivo Buters, owner of the Byford Medical Centre, shares his experience with Alita Constructions in a video testimonial. Watch it here!

(Dialogue taken from video testimonial) –

Byford Medical Centre – Lot 1 Blytheswood Avenue, Byford

Client Testimonial Byford Medical Centre

My plan is with this building is to enhance the existing services we have and to provide further quality medical services to the patients of the Serpentine Jarrahdale shire and in particularly around the Byford area.

This project took about four years in the planning and I had a lot of time to sort of think about it and speak to a lot of people and to get a lot of ideas. And obviously I had to decide on a builder, so being a doctor I get to meet a lot of people on a day to day basis, particularly in the building industry and in building trades and repeatedly the name Alita came up.

My final choice was to work with two builders and my final decision to go with Alita was because of their experience, their reputation and the price was very favourable compared to the other quotes I’d had.

For me probably the most important was to get a quality product at a reasonable price and I think Alita well and truly delivered on that product and I’m very delighted with the outcome.

The words I probably use to describe Alita Constructions; they were very open, trustworthy, my calls were always returned and replied and problems were solved fairly quickly and fairly succinctly. Yeah I would recommend Alita on quality of product, very fair price and a good reliable and efficient team and the construction project went very, very well.


Agrifil warehouse built by Alita Constructions


Alita constructions were selected to build our facility from a short list of four construction companies 2 years ago. They were easily selected because of their very professional approach to every detail of the very difficult and challenging design and layout of our project. Their “can do” culture within Alita came through very early in our discussions which also included level headed costings and understanding budgetary constraints.
The project was undertaken and completed within expected time frames and which also allowed for partial occupation while they very professionally worked around our day to day operations without any issues. This was very much appreciated and marveled.
In the eighteen months it took to build this difficult facility it was an absolute pleasure to have been able to talk with any personnel from Alita and discuss queries if and when they manifested. From accounts through to the managing director everybody was accessible and were more than happy to apportion time to talk. Project management was impeccable.
Alita built us a beautiful and functional building which we are very proud of and which is much talked about and marveled within the business community.
I recommend Alita very highly to any prospective client of theirs who may be considering a building project. I will use Alita again for any projects I may have going forward.

Mike Johnson

Darling Downs Church01

Free Reformed Church of Darling Downs

We, as the building committee for the Free Reformed Church of Darling Downs, had the pleasure of working alongside Alita Constructions in constructing our new place of worship. The nature of the project, given the vested interest of each church member, was to ensure the project was built on time and within budget. Alita Constructions’ professional approach and unwavering commitment was a key contributor to the success of the project. Their ability to understand our requirements, keen eye for detail, willingness to allow flexibility and on site planning and initiative ensured we received a building of a very high standard that we and the local community are very thankful for. For these reasons we would not hesitate to recommend Alita Constructions to any potential clientele who wish to engage their services.

J. van Dyk


Croker Construction in Forrestdale built by Alita Constructions

Croker Construction

Alita Construction have just finished our new office & workshop Forrestdale and we couldn’t be happier.

We picked Alita from the three quotes based on price and experience.

All the planning consultations were pleasant experiences and they have friendly team.

Throughout the build they were always easy to get hold of and approachable.

We will recommend Alita to anyone.. You only have to drive around our business park & see that they are building 50% or more of the buildings. That speaks volumes to me.

Nathan Croker

Carey Community Centre by Alita Constructions

Carey Baptist College

During the construction of the Community Centre we considered Alita conducted their operations in a professional and helpful manner. To complicate the building process the Community Centre was built on the grounds within an operating school where consideration had to be made for the learning environment and safety of the students.

We considered Alita Construction completed works to a high standard and would recommend them based on our experience as capable builders.

Tim Dorsman


Gosnells Smash Repairs

Gosnells Smash Repairs

I am writing in regard to the dealings that I have had with Alita Constructions.

Alita was recommended to me by a friend. I obtained 3 quotes and found Alita to be the best value for money so decided to use their services.

They listened to what I required and took the time to discuss things. I found through the whole process of building, if there were any issues, I could ring up and personally speak to Alistair and he solved any issues I had there and then.

Rick Visser


Armadale Steel

We have used Alita Constructions for all our building projects in the past and will continue to do so in the future.  They are very professional and very competitive in an ever cost increasing market place.  Any issues we had during our projects were attended to immediately and Alistair Kleyn was always available to solve any issues that came up.  We can recommend Alita Construction anytime and our building at No 9 Gillam Drive, Kelmscott is proof of the quality workmanship they deliver.


Character Cabinets

Character Cabinets

I have had the pleasure of working with Alistair and the team at Alita Constructions for more than 10 years now and over that time they have proven to be very efficient company that conducts themselves with the utmost professionalism.

I enlisted the help from Alita Constructions to build my last 4 projects, the latest being a new 4 unit factory complex in Armadale. This was no simple build for Ed (building supervisor) as water tanks, filters and extensive drainage systems were required for recycling to one of the units. Many changes were made during the building process to make this possible and at no stage was I left to feel that my changes were too much trouble, all variations were made with ease and were cost effective. The Staff at Alita always communicated well with me during the building process with regular updates even whilst being overseas making the entire build relatively easy.

Alita’s work has always been of the highest quality and I would have no hesitation in recommending Alita Constructions to any potential client wishing to build a quality new Home or Factory.

Squeak Van Duyn


Apple Storage

I am writing to thank and congratulate you on the completion of the Apple Storage units in Byford. In particular I would like to thank you for your flexibility, advice and diligence in relation to this project.

Initially I found that your quote on the construction of the 24 storage units was the most comprehensive quote and also provided the most information in relation to subcontractors and their pricings. The quote was also among the most reasonable. My decision to use Alita Constructions came down to my confidence that the quote was accurate and that the company understood the peculiarities of the site and what we were trying to achieve as an end result.

Your recommendations for minor changes and enhancements to the project were very much appreciated. As an example, your recommendation that we rebate the concrete floors to enable the roller doors to seal out any rain water was very helpful.

I was very impressed with the supervisor Hank, who was always available by telephone and happy to meet on site whenever necessary. Hank also showed great flexibility in making any repairs and he ensured that all workmanship was of the highest quality.

The finished product is beyond our expectations and we would have no hesitation in working with Alita Constructions again. I would be happy for you to provide a copy of this letter to any prospective client and also happy for them to contact me to discuss the project.

Rob Piller


SJ Community Resource Centre

It is clear to me that all the team have been selected because they exhibit similar qualities in regard to customer service, honesty, and reliability. I would recommend Alita Constructions and their people and contractors to anyone who wants some construction work completed on time and within budget.


Fred Cox



A & A Kitchens

We recommend Alita Constructions as a quality, efficient and helpful commercial builder. From preliminary planning to completion we were able to work together very well which made the transition to the new premises a smooth one. The project was completed within the expected time frame and the end result is a quality architecturally designed and aesthetically pleasing building which exceeded our expectations. Alita Constructions have a good understanding of the compliance requirements for commercial developments which is essential in the current market and allowed for a very efficient handover. Any post occupancy items were completed without hassle and on time, which made our experience from start to finish a good one.

John Dykstra

JMS Engineering

JMS Engineering

Alita Constructions built a factory for me recently and I am totally satisfied with the high standard of their work and competitive pricing.

They were very professional to deal with at all times, and I would have no hesitation in using them again. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who requires building construction.

John Benson

Sports hall construction by Alita Construction

Free Reformed School Association

The FRSA has known and used Alita Constructions for many years. The last projects that Alita Constructions completed were the construction of the JCCC Middle School building, which is used for the Years 7-9 students. The building has an excellent design and works efficiently, and plus the project was completed on time and within the budget!

Alita Constructions also constructed the FRSA Administration and JCCC Reception area while they were working on the JCCC Middle School building. The Administration building was a mixture of new construction and renovations to the old building. At the time it was quite complicated as normal school operations had to continue. With the effort and help of the builder, it was possible.

Currently Alita Constructions is building three library facilities and three Sports Halls for 3 of our Primary Schools (Byford, Kelmscott, Rockingham). These projects are funded by the Australian Government but also require the input from our School community to finish the buildings. Alita Constructions is willing and able to work around this requirement.

We would recommend Alita Constructions to any business needing their services.

Jacques Kortenoeven


Aquatec Equipment

As we were undertaking a very large project with our new warehouse facility in Forrestdale, had a very tight schedule and a budget to work to, we needed a professional builder who we could rely on to deliver as promised.

After many hours of discussion with 5 different builders, including others who we had used in the past for other warehouses, our company decided on Alita Constructions and we feel we made the right choice.

We had been put into a spot by another builder who had charged us for the drawings and then was to re-imburse us for this cost if they got the job. The drawings took much longer than promised and there was a number of grey areas which we were uncertain about and we didn’t feel totally comfortable with the design. After consulting other builders and getting some very possible feedback from other clients who had used Alita in the past, we decided to approach them.

We had an initial meeting with Alistair Kleyn and explained our situation, budget, time schedule & the predicament with the drawings. He was extremely helpful and offered us professional advice which would save us money. He directed us to Mulder and Kampman Design who worked very quickly on our drawings to fix the flaws that existed and produce a more cost effective design. We then put the amended drawings out to tender to several builders and had a meeting with each one to discuss what they could offer us and if they could meet our time constraints. Alita to be honest were the only ones to quote us exactly as per the drawings with everything included, with others quoting and missing out key components to try to save them money. Alita quoted with the client in mind and were very accommodating when we asked them if we could use some of our contacts for certain aspects of the project. The end result was the project was done in a very cost effective, professional manner within the time constraints of the contract and we ended up with a quality building which we are very happy with.

Alita were in contact with us constantly throughout the course of the project and any minor problems that have occurred after completion that needed fixing within the last 12 months, they have been quick to rectify. I would like to extend a big thank you to the entire Alita team for their professionalism and the way they handled our project from start to finish.

I would be more than happy to recommend Alita Constructions over and above other builders who we have used in the past, to any potential client who is looking for a honest, reliable & professional builder who will work with you to deliver what you require when you require it.

Kyle Baker