Commercial Construction Builders Perth

As one of Western Australia’s leading commercial building companies, Alita Constructions specialises in tilt-up panel construction for large-scale buildings, and infrastructures such as industrial factories, warehouses, offices, schools, churches and workshops. We provide an all-inclusive service that includes drafting and design, engineering and construction.

We take pride in completing all our projects to the highest standard, which is why we handpick each team member to ensure we meet and exceed client expectations for every build. Our experience, combined with our specialised skillset, has given us the ability to complete projects on time and within budget while still focusing on quality and safety, guaranteeing that you receive maximum value when using our service.

By using only trusted and established contractors, we have built strong partnerships in the industry and we only purchase our materials from proven suppliers, thereby ensuring excellent quality and efficiency for each project.

The Alita Constructions name has become synonymous with excellence, proficiency and safety, and we have become the recommended choice for commercial building services throughout Western Australia. Contact us today for detailed information about our services and begin the process for your new building.


quote Alita were appointed to our recent project after winning a competitive Tender. The project was particularly difficult, being a complete refurbishment with alterations to an operational aged care facility. The nature of the job was that it was fraught with many surprises due to previous “less than quality” builders and contractors. Nevertheless, Alita were always pleasant and amiable to deal quote

Robert Spencer, Manager Property & Assets

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quote The Free Reformed School Association has a long-standing relationship with Alita Constructions. In the early days of the organisation they built several classrooms in one of our schools. In 2004/2005 they constructed the JCCC Middle School building as well as a new administration centre. During the GFC schools were allocated additional funding from the federal Government and Alita Constructions quote

Jacques Kortenoeven, Administration Manager

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quote Alita did exceed my expectations as a builder. As superintendent, I expected a lot more issues through construction however it was more or less plain sailing, really easy to deal with. The building is really well finished off....... Watch the whole video testimonial here!      Chris, the Superintendent and Senior Structural Engineer for the Carpenter Mechanical Engineering quote

Chris Gibbs (Superintendent and Senior Structural Engineer)

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quote They exceeded my expectations in many ways, first of all in the high level of engagement, the product that we were delivered was outstanding, the attention to detail was outstanding and the delivery of budget, in fact slightly below budget, was an awesome outcome for the Country Club. Watch the whole video testimonial here!   Byford & Districts Country Club, John Erren, quote

John Erren

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quote Alita Constructions were awarded the contract for the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale's Byford & Districts Country Club project after submitting a competitively priced and strong tender application. Throughout the project, Alita Constructions continually made suggestions and gave advice to save costs, which was extremely helpful due to budget constraints. The team was always friendly and quote

Etienne Vorster

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