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Leading commercial builders Perth, Alita Constructions specialises in tilt-up panel construction for commercial buildings, such as industrial factories, warehouses, offices, schools, churches and workshops. The quality of our services sets us apart from competing commercial building contractors. We provide an all-inclusive service that includes drafting and design, engineering, and construction, conveniently giving you access to the diverse range of services you need to make project success a reality, all in one location.

We take pride in completing all our projects to the highest standard, which is why we have handpicked each team member in our commercial building company. This ensures that we both meet and exceed client expectations for every build. The complement of professionals behind each project are also familiar with the Building Code of Australia, relevant Australian standards, and Local Authority requirements. This familiarity with relevant legislation and requirements facilitates a much faster and hassle-free process of design and approval, in addition to timely construction.

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By using only trusted and established contractors, we have built strong partnerships in the industry. Our reputation as a quality Perth commercial builder has been made possible by our no-compromise approach to maintaining standards. We only purchase our materials from proven suppliers, thereby ensuring excellent quality and efficiency for each project we take on.

We offer a variety of contracts to suit the individual needs of our clients, allowing for different degrees of involvement as well as varying budgets. Communication is a cornerstone of our process, so we’re happy to discuss and always encourage dialogue so that the successful delivery of your project is guaranteed.

Our Current Projects

Rendered Image of Design & Construct Bedfordale Fire Station, Bedfordale

Bedfordale Fire Station

This Design & Construct community construction project, located in Bedfordale, for the City of Armadale,  entails a 4 bay garage, training room, offices, kitchen, store

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Successful Projects have worked with Alita Constructions in the role of a Superintendent over several years. The two recent projects being Novelli Pavilion and Piara Waters (South) Sports/Community Facility and Oval Works. Alita Constructions have continually demonstrated their understanding of the project deliverables providing expert construction knowledge. It is self-evident their management
Brett Anderson
"Professional. Brilliant. Great service and down to earth! Just a real human touch...the whole process from beginning to end has been extremely professional which is something that we have not traditionally been used to - that level of expertise and professionalism." How did Alita Constructions come to be the builder of your design and construct project? Basically, through the recommenda
Chris Kaiser
How did Alita Constructions come to be the builder of your design and construct project? Alita Constructions had built for us in the past, so we felt comfortable building with them for a second time. From the very start Alita were very open and honest about the different options and design ideas which really helped to get the project off the ground sooner. Tell me what your experience has
Gerard Jackson
How did Alita Constructions come to be the builder of the warehouse? We had Alita quote on our current warehouse 7 years ago and ended up going with another builder. A decision we came to regret as we have had issues ever since. We got a few quotes for this warehouse but felt most comfortable going with Alita, as their experience and expertise was obvious. We also quickly realised that as compani
Rick Fawkes
"The experiences with Alita have been excellent, they have been really good to deal with; they have been very friendly; they have been very professional, and any problems have always come with solutions, and it has been a great partnership in many aspects of working together to get a great outcome for the college".   How did Alita Constructions come to be the builder of the South Coast
Trevor Darch