INKA Surgical Instruments Testimonial

“Professional. Brilliant. Great service and down to earth! Just a real human touch…the whole process from beginning to end has been extremely professional which is something that we have not traditionally been used to – that level of expertise and professionalism.”

How did Alita Constructions come to be the builder of your design and construct project?

Basically, through the recommendation of Mick Daly, we had a private build at one of the residential places and Mick really vindicated that we should have a talk to Alita. So basically, from there, we followed his recommendation and went out and met Ali and the Team, and was super impressed with their building and it just made a path for us to go with them.


Tell me what your experience has been with Alita Constructions

Rather brilliant! At the end of the day, we expected a huge impact here and it is quite a small space to work here; we thought the carpark would be a nightmare and we thought the noise levels would be out of control; it’s been anything but! The Team has managed it super well; has worked in the confined spaces, left enough parking for the team that works here, and have just been a great bunch to work around! It has been excellent all around!


After you have been through your building experience with Alita Constructions, what words best describe Alita Constructions and its culture?

Professional. Brilliant. Great service and down to earth! Just a real human touch. Great guys to work with; bit of banter – nothing too heavy but the level of professionalism is what really stood out for us.


Did Alita Constructions meet your expectations as a commercial builder and if so, in what way?

To be fair, we would say that exceeded our expectations. Number one: the final build has been outstanding. We are really happy with everything. The professionalism along the journey has been brilliant. But the whole process from beginning to end has been extremely professional. Something that we traditionally have not been used to – that level of expertise and professionalism.


How has working with Alita Constructions helped your business and how it operates?

Most importantly, number one, it has given us a new building; a new space and new offices. We have basically been living out of the same building for the last 15 years from the original construction, so it has been like putting a jigsaw together backwards and sideways, so we knew we needed to expand our existing office space, as well as the warehouse space. We did always have envisage working off this existing block here, and Alita came along and provided us that solution and a new building to work within, and set out goals going forward.


Did Alita Constructions have yours and the projects best interest at heart?

Absolutely. I think so. Professional outfit; we knew what we wanted and they knew how to put it together, and they delivered 100%.


Why would you recommend Alita Constructions to someone else? What would you say to them?

Most importantly, we are a proud West Australian family business, and we know Alita fits that mould as well. But more importantly, when it comes to building and you want a professional outfit to do the work for you, Alita ticked all those boxes. And when someone does such a high-quality job for a company, you feel the least you can do is recommend them onto people. So, we will certainly trumpet the work that Alita have done, and whoever is in the market, we would definitely give them a recommendation!

Chris Kaiser, INKA Surgical Instruments


Testimonial Transcript taken from https://youtu.be/suO-gBRxFI0

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