Powerpak Testimonial

How did Alita Constructions come to be the builder of the warehouse?
We had Alita quote on our current warehouse 7 years ago and ended up going with another builder. A decision we came to regret as we have had issues ever since. We got a few quotes for this warehouse but felt most comfortable going with Alita, as their experience and expertise was obvious. We also quickly realised that as companies we had many shared values.

Tell me what your experience has been with Alita Constructions?
Our experience dealing with Alita Constructions has been a pleasant one. All communication was open and fair and there were no hidden surprises, as is often the case in the building game.

After you have been through your building experience with Alita Constructions, what words best describes Alita Constructions and its culture?
Open. Honest. Transparent. Reliable. Fair.

Did Alita Constructions meet your expectations as a commercial Builder and if so, in what way?
I would say they not only met, but they exceeded our expectations. Especially with the lines of communication being so transparent and easy.

Did Alita Constructions have yours and the projects best interest at heart?
Absolutely. You could see and feel that right from the get-go.

Why would you recommend Alita Constructions to someone else? What would you say to them?
I would say to anyone considering a commercial build, make sure you talk to Alita. You won’t be disappointed, and you can trust their experience and expertise. And they are honest.



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