Alita Constructions

Alita Constructions

Address: 38 Hensbrook Loop, Forrestdale Business Park

Floor Area: 447m2 of warehouse and 514m2 of office area

Building Design: Mulder Kampman Designs

As Alita Constructions specialises in tilt-up panel construction for large-scale buildings, they saw the need for a larger premises as an opportunity to use their personal building as a display for the quality projects that they produce.

The building consisted of 44  tilt panels which have been fitted with Alucobond panels creating an aesthetically appealing building.

The reception, pre-start room and lunchroom floors have been finished with polished concrete whilst, the large open plan area upstairs was designed to allow for future growth. The warehouse was designed specifically for the use of high racking to store equipment and stock. Three roller doors (two on one side and one on the other) in the warehouse allow easy access for the trucks and trailers to come in and out.

The Alita Constructions Panel signage at the front of the property is also covered in Alucobond providing a unique use of tilt panel.

This Project was completed in approximately 12 months.

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