CPS Wearparts

CPS Wearparts

Address: Edison Circuit, Forrestdale Business Park

Completion Date: 01/08/2011

Floor Area: 1,671m²

Building Design: Mulderkampman Design

CPS Wearparts Warehouse

This warehouse construction involved a large warehouse with a two storey office and ammenities. Being a corner block, the building was designed to have an entrance from two different streets. This allows delivery trucks to drive through and if a delivery truck is blocking one entrance, cars can still access the carpark.

The building features double glazed windows throughout to achieve a high energy star rating. It also features air-conditioning throughout, a big kitchen and lunchroom, a store managers office which views the factory and three rollerdoors.

This Project was completed in approximately 34 weeks.

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CPS Wearparts is now Fortus


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