Rehoboth Christian College

Rehoboth Christian College

Address: Kenwick Road, Kenwick

Completion Date: 20/06/2019

Floor Area: 2,026m2

Building Design: Mulderkampman Design

School Design and Construct

Alita Constructions were awarded the Design and Construct of the Rehoboth Christian College located in Kenwick, Perth.

The Rehoboth Christian College is a two storey building with a total floor area of 2,026m2.

The ground floor accommodates six classrooms, along with associated ablutions, storage, kitchens and office areas. The ground floor also accommodates separate offices, meeting rooms, archive areas and reception and lobby space. A covered walkway is provided around the periphery of the ground floor of the building.

The second-floor building accommodates another six classrooms including storage, music rooms and breakout spaces and ablutions and a staff room. Access to the classrooms is provided via a covered balcony on the north-eastern side of building with stairs at either end, as well as a lift towards the southern end of the building.

Clients, Seth and Mark from the Rehoboth Christian College speak about their experience building with Alita Constructions during the Design and Construct of the college located in Kenwick, Perth.

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Rehoboth Christian College Construction Update:


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