Address: Baile Road, Canningvale

Completion Date: 01/12/2012

Floor Area: 6410m²

Building Design: Mulder Kampman Design

This large project featured a warehouse of 6,410 m2 and a double storey office area with full height glazing. Due to council requirements this building had to be fitted with an automatic fire sprinkler system throughout the whole building with some of the sprinklers fitted inside the racking. This fire system included 3 tanks of water each containing 247KL, a sprinkler booster and 3 diesel pumps. The building also features a fire tunnel for quick and safe emergency exit in case of a fire.

The Alucobond together with the texture and louvers gives the building a fantastic finish which compliments the office fit-out. The office fitout consists of full height glass partitioned offices as well as a kitchen, a stainless steel lift and toilets which are all fitted out with top quality fixtures.

The office and warehouse is fitted with an Electronic Access Control System so that the owners can control who gets access to what and also monitor this access. The complete property is under 24hr surveillance.

This Project was completed in approximately 43 weeks.

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