Stages of Construction Project

Stages of a construction project

Stages of Construction Project

Stages of Construction Project

Undertaking a construction project is an exciting prospect and a considerable capital investment. It is an opportunity to build something tangible of long-lasting value, however, can only be accomplished once the project has succeeded. Understanding the building construction process from start to finish will assist you in making the right decision where your contractor is concerned as well as improve your ability to supervise the whole process and ensure you get your desired outcome.

The building process will vary depending on scope, complexity and the employed contractor.

Alita Constructions 10-step building construction process from start to finish

  1. Thorough discussion with the client to determine expectations and functionality of the project
  2. Provide a concept design and a detailed estimate of the project
  3. Coordinate the design of the project
  4. Compile all documentation and submit to relevant authorities in order to obtain a development approval and building permit
  5. Formulate the appropriate contract and present to client
  6. Carry out the whole construction of the project on time and within budget
  7. Keep client up-to-date with the progress of the project
  8. Critical works are inspected by qualified consultants during the construction process
  9. Pre-completion inspection with the client prior to handover
  10. On completion a certificate of design compliance and a handover pack is provided to the client along with the keys to their new building.

If you’re looking for professional advice or the services of a contractor, with extensive experience revolving around the building construction process from beginning to finish, contact Alita Constructions.

We’re the experts and we can assist you with a quality management plan for your construction project.

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