Beaver Tree Services Testimonial

Alita Constructions would like to thank Paul Harrison from Beaver Tree Services for his glowing testimonial of the recently completed project in Forrestdale. The team at Alita Constructions thoroughly enjoyed working as a team with Paul and Joe and thank them for having the confidence in building with Alita. 

(Dialogue taken from video testimonial) –

Beaver Tree – Lot 21 Cartwright Drive, Forrestdale

Clint Testimonial Beaver Tree Services

My name is Paul Harrison, I’m the managing Director of Beaver Tree Services. We have been in business now for sixteen years. We generally do government tendered work and obviously a lot of private work, as well as residential work. We have got quite a few tenders that we do.

The Business Challenge?
We were in three different premises over there in the Kelmscott Industrial area; they were smaller yards. I think we are about eight to ten times bigger here in shed space and office space. We were just growing and were on top of each other it was becoming sort of uneconomical to move vehicles and to move staff and the noise factor and I didn’t think it was a fair work environment for my staff.

Getting Involved with Alita?
I have known Ali through the Business Armadale predominantly and known the family for a long time, they have been residing in Kelmscott for a long time. And coming from this area all my life I have seen a lot of Ali’s building and talked to a lot of people who have done work, and Ali’s work and done work for. I obviously got them to quote along with another company and obviously they were very competitive Alita Constructions and very pleased to be able to give them the job; which was great.

The Alita Difference?
Again because you were local and very close to the construction site which gave us a lot more, we thought, supervision and management of the site. I had the confidence in a great team that Ali has created with Matt and Ed and everyone involved.

Alita Quality & Service?
With the land and everything we have spent over five million dollars so was something to be confident and wanted to get right so it was important. It’s a long process and quite a big job, and obviously a lot of plans and approvals that was fantastic right from the start. They took the bull by the horns, they pushed it through Council and the MRA where they could which was fantastic which took a lot of the pressure off me. Their knowledge of the area was very important, I think that was really great so that has been really good.  And obviously there quick build time was also that they had a reasonable time frame where they could start the building and they were obviously quite keen to get going.

Would you Recommend Alita?
Yeah definitely there is a lot of building companies out there obviously and I would definitely recommend Alita Constructions because again that the good feel and the fact that if we did have an issue or whatever that was quickly rectified. I think that is very important, the fact they took ownership of stuff very quickly and again the reliability, I think that is the important keys for me going forward. Those things I have tried to bring in my business. One of my mentalities is always under promise and over deliver and I think that what Alita did as well and I think that is really good. That unfortunately very rare sometimes in the world and to say it was an important decision being a big build obviously that we wanted to make sure that we got what we wanted and I think we have exceeded what we wanted really which is really cool.

Would you build with Alita Again?
We have purchased another block which is right next door to our current block, it kind of give a bit of a L shape it’s another acre. We will be building another building in the next year or two on that and we are looking at building another workshop but would definitely be comfortable and confident in getting Ali to obviously quote that job and do that job if that sees fit. We would love to have him on board because I think that we would be more than happy to use Alita Constructions for sure.


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