Kingdom Light Church

Construction of the Kingdom Light Church project located in Cockburn, Perth by Alita Constructions. With a total floor area of 1.836m2, the project consists of 2 halls, a large foyer, a play area, classrooms and a kitchen. The first floor also has several offices. This large place of worship requires 102 car bays.Watch Kingdom Light project hereSee full testimonial video here!


Video Content of Kingdom Light Testimonial with Lawrence Tan – Aquila Architects

Why Alita Constructions & was price the main factor?

For this project price was not the most important factor, we actually had this tender process, through the tender process Alita showed that they are very capable and also very resourceful. That is the main reason that we actually chose Alita.

Experience building with Alita constructions?

I think the most important thing is actually Alita’s staff and also their subcontractors. They have a very good understanding of how to do the project and do the work.

After your building experience, how would you describe Alita Constructions’ culture?

I believe from what I can see the subcontractors and also the tradies they have very good ethics especially with Alita’s supervisors many come together and show by their work that they know what they are doing.  The most important thing I notice is how they communicate because every trade has their own ways of communication and I can see for the trades and subcontractors they can communicate together well and get the job done well.

Did Alita Constructions exceed your expectations?

Yes, I believe Alita did do that strong. They give a very good solution for example for the price you need to look at it they will come up with an alternative solution so that the client and even myself as an architect love that kind of ideas so that we can work together.

Best words to describe Alita Constructions?

I have been thinking for this word for a very long time and I think less is more so what I have for Alita is HOT. H.O.T. what I mean by HOT is Honest Open and Transparent. This HOT for Alita just not stop at the price but HOT in quality and also HOT in resources.

How has working with Alita Constructions has helped the church and how it operates?

I look at it that the service that Alita actually provides. At the beginning of the project Alita’s staff and also their consultants they actually come to us and they are very open to us and tell us what they can actually do and from there we can see that the service that Alita provide not just at the beginning but continues to provide that service until the end until post completion. They still call us and whenever we have any problems we just call the supervisor and he straight away attends to it. That is the best thing I can see from a good builder.

Would you recommend Alita Constructions?

I believe that Alita is really HOT, Honest Open and Transparent. As an Architect for many years and Aquila Architects were always looking how to promote Alita and I believe Alita is one of the best builders I have ever had. I really recommend Alita to many of my friends as well.


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