Peel Health Hub Testimonial

“In many ways they probably exceeded expectations. Particularly around being invested in what we were trying to achieve”

How did Alita Constructions come to be the builder of the Peel Youth Medical Services?

So, Alita Constructions were recommended to us through word of mouth from satisfied customers who have had experiences of their workmanship so we used them in the tender process and went from there.

Experience building with Alita constructions?

Our experience with Alita has been absolutely wonderful, we found them to be total perfectionists as far as the build goes and more importantly than that for us as well, they have been totally invested in the project and the vision we’ve had about the peel health hub.

Best words to describe Alita Constructions?

For me the first word that comes to mind is professionalism. We found them to be absolutely professional throughout. We have also found them to be flexible, it’s been quite a complex project although we are the main client, there are other organizations that have also had an invested interest in the building so we have had to be flexible so they have been very flexible. Engaged with the client, I think they are really good at relationships and engagement. We had a good relationship been able to talk to them about changes we’ve needed.

Do you have any other words you would use?

I think absolute perfectionist and as I said earlier totally invested in our project so really as far as being able to work with a builder as part of a team, we could not have asked for more than Alita Constructions.

Did Alita Constructions meet your expectations?

Absolutely, I think they did, in fact in many ways probably exceeded expectations. Particularly around being invested in what we were trying to achieve so for us it is not just a building this is a whole service delivery model to improve the health and wellbeing of Peel community and I feel that from a really early stage Alita were on board with that and had a shared approach to that vision.

How did Alita Constructions work with GP Down South on this project?

I think Alita’s understanding of what we are trying to achieve, that what we are building here is more than a building, that it’s really about a new way of serving the community of bringing health services together so they have been very flexible, they have understood our needs and the needs of the other tenants in the building which is really, really important. I must also say that on the actual job here I have heard many, many trades people comment that they have never actually been on such a happy trade / build site.  I think what we are trying to achieve here through our vision has actually been reflected in the workforce and that has been a testimony to Alita and how they manage people as well. So that’s really pleasing.

What would you say to someone considering building with Alita Constructions?

Ok I would definitely say to them that Alita Constructions are experts in their field. They are also very easy to work with, really strong interpersonal skills with Ian French who was our Project Manager and Ali Kleyn the Director. We’ve always felt able to communicate freely with them and I think the combination of our vision and their expertise has given us an amazing project which meets the needs of the service. I think we probably already have recommended Alita Constructions to some other projects that we are aware of and will continue to do so and be more than happy to have prospective clients of Alita’s have a look through and look at the quality of the build here. We found it very professional and caring.

Eleanor Britton – GP Down South Manager

Amanda Poller – GP Down South CEO

 Testimonial Transcript taken from video https://youtu.be/rIKhC_7vltQ



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