Peel Youth Medical Services

Address Mandurah
Floor Area
Building Design Peake Consultants

Alita Constructions has partnered with the City of Mandurah to design and construct the Peel Youth Medical Services Health Hub in Mandurah.

This building will allow for all of the services for young people located in Mandurah to be brought together in the new building to help tackle the increasing drugs, alcohol and mental health issues in the peel region.

The hub includes at least 60 consulting rooms, two training rooms and five waiting areas along with two reception areas.

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Construction Update:

October 2018
CK Maloney Capture of Peel Youth Medical Service  in Mandurah`

Photo Credit: CK Maloney Surveying



The BubbleDeck suspended slab is currently being installed at the PYMS project for the City of Mandurah and GP Down South.
BubbleDeck is a precast concrete floor system which makes floor slabs lighter and stronger by incorporating large, hollow plastic balls in a lattice of steel. With 1kg of recycled plastic replacing 100kg of concrete, it is a low cost and sustainable solution!
Bubbledeck at PYMS by Alita Constructions


The civil stormwater has been completed using Eco Aid storm tanks (pic below) to provide storage capacity and the hydraulic in-grounds and pre-lays are nearing completion.

Going forward; there will be bulk import of fill to bring the site up to design level and then the detailed excavation of the lift pit and footings will commence.

The project is being built on the town’s old tip which was closed in the early 60’s. The challenge for Alita has been ensuring the design accounts for any future potential movement. Alita have achieved this by providing alternative engineered solutions for the building’s substructure.

PYMS - Eco Aid storm tank installation by Alita Constructions

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