What is Commercial Design

What is Commercial Design

Commercial Business Design

Commercial business design is an exercise in balance. The balance that design seeks to achieve is made possible by the manipulation of two primary concepts, namely function and form (or aesthetics). When these two concepts come together, with the needs of each being satisfied in perfect harmony, the result is a design that is functional and impressive. If you are of the opinion that this unique impact is only reserved for the design stylings of the residential market, you’d be mistaken.

Design brilliance can be achieved both in commercial design just as it possible in a residential setting. In fact, in recent times, commercial design has provided a more compelling canvas by abandoning previously held notions of what a retail space should offer. Today, there is greater convergence between residential and commercial building design.

Does design matter?

While the exterior architecture of any building shows the experience, it’s the interior that either amplifies or detracts from the experience consumed. For example, a 3-storey home with a beautiful outside finish may attract attention, but it’s the inside of the house that matters the most – being your living space and where you experience your home more. The same notion holds for commercial building design. Whether you’re a client or an employee, stakeholders connect with the business by what happens within the four walls of the premises.

The purpose of commercial buildings

The purpose of a commercial building should be the overall guiding principle behind the decision taken for a particular commercial property design. The primary goal of any commercial building is to optimise a business’ ability to turn a profit, taking into account factors that relate to each stakeholder group’s needs such as workflow process, aesthetics, comfort and physical space.

What is commercial design?

Commercial design is a design process carried out by an architect or a building designer with expertise in the infrastructure of buildings that are made specifically for businesses while observing the rules and legislation outlined by the Building Code of Australia, Australian Standards and Local Authority requirements.

Priority is placed on the structural integrity of the building and its functionality due to the nature of commercial property design. Although secondary, the following are important considerations to note as they are visual and tangible cues that speak to the brand of the business:

  • Colours
  • Textures
  • Tones
  • Fittings
  • Furniture

Every detail incorporated in design is intentional and serves the overall purpose of furthering the company’s ability to achieve its specific business objectives.

Don’t leave your business success to chance

The design chosen for your business is not an only capital investment but an investment into its ability to make an impressive and lasting impression on first premise visitors. This is a unique opportunity to occupy a place in the mind of your walk-in clients and should not be taken for granted. Taking the time to secure the service of experts is always highly recommended.

Alita Constructions are leading commercial builders in Perth with a track record of excellence. For a return on investment on your commercial design, get in touch with us today.

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