What to look for when choosing a Perth Commercial Builder

What to look for when choosing a Perth Commercial Builder

With the current economy, not only in Perth but the world, the building game has become a risky place to be if you are not skilled up on what to look out for in a builder. When investing in a new building, you want to make sure you are working with someone you can trust.

Make sure your builder;

  • Is registered…

Sounds like a no brainer right, well not for everyone. Check here for the list of registered builders in Western Australia

  • Takes the time to get to know you and your business needs.

This will ensure they can adequately provide you with recommendations on your design and potential cost savings

  • Has experience in building what you require

Check their website
Ask for case studies
Ask the contact numbers of references

  • Has customer satisfaction

How many repeat clients do they have?
Find out from past clients what they are like to work with.

Do they do what they say they will do? How did they respond to any mistakes or disputes? Did their initial quote include everything it should have? Were there hidden costs and unfair variations during the project?

Find out from the client if they were a good builder to work with through the whole process from initial client consultation through to construction and handover of the completed building, and also with attendance of items after handover including end of defects liability period. Did they follow up at the end of the defects liability period and come and inspect the building?

Are they always friendly and helpful?

  • Is ethical in all their dealings

Ask for references of subcontractors. Do they pay on time?

  • Have they been around for a while?

A commercial builder who hasn’t been operating for long is a potential risk. The last thing you want is the builder to go into administration in the middle of your commercial build.

  • What are their current commitments? Do they have too much work on? Have they got no work?

If a commercial builder has no work, this is a cause for concern. Reputable commercial builders have a steady flow of work. Likewise, if the commercial builder is over-committed can they give your build the attention to detail that it needs?

  • Do they have the required licences and insurances?

Builders Registration
Public Liability
Workers Compensation

  • Check their Financial Risk

Get your accountant to do a credit check


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